Cake Frosting Spatula Or Spanking Spatula?

Janey writes about the time her husband found a silicone cake frosting spatula called the Red Spreader. Turns out cakes aren’t the only thing you can frost with that bad boy:

We had taken my mum shopping and were about to go through the checkout when I noticed this silicone palette knife had appeared in our shopping trolley. I looked at H and he confirmed that he had chosen it, took it from my hand and placed it on the conveyor belt. We were in public, I kept silent – I can do it sometimes you know!

That was the last I saw of it until a cheeky, playful remark on my part in bed one morning had H reaching down the side of the bed and appearing back up grinning, holding the ‘red spreader’ and motioning me to turn over. It was all a bit of a laugh really, until the red devil (as I would rather describe it) made contact. It really packs a sting and immediately started leaving bright pink, palette knife shaped marks wherever it touched. I also noticed that it does not make very much noise at all (at least the implement connecting with the bare bottom bit doesn’t, what it causes my mouth to do is a different matter altogether, but one which can be tempered with the aid of a pillow shoved into it!

‘It hurts, it’s harder than you think’ I moaned, trying to squirm out of the way, only to be met with a resolute ‘good’. He seemed very pleased with the results stopped, looked at the implement, nodded and tucked it away under his pillow.

I’ve really been quite enjoying the silicone revolution in kitchen implements!

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