A Week Of Cheerleader Spankings

high school cheerleaders getting paddled by the side of the road in a 2003 horror movie

Gentle readers, I have an announcement: I am taking some “summer time off” from the blog. Just a fun bit of medium-distance travel, but I’m not taking a computer, so for about a week I won’t be available for the usual daily posts here.

Rather than leave you all in the lurch with no posts at all, I thought instead that I would instruct my faithful robots to post a cheerleader spanking photo every day until I return. The inspiration for this is that cheerleader spanking porn is suddenly much easier to find since the new Cheerleader Spankings site opened its doors, and as I’m just catching up with their excellent material myself, I figured there would be no harm in sharing a miniature flood of their photos and galleries. If you hate cheerleaders but somehow also (and inexplicably) don’t want to see them spanked, I do apologize. Regular posts should resume early next week.

(The cheerleaders getting spanked so realistically at the top of this post are from the 2003 movie Cheerleader Autopsy.)

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