Spanking From The Bottom

This anecdote is by a usually-submissive man who pays for pro-domme services about a switchy session where he spanked his professional service provider while still under her firm control. It makes explicit something that’s too-often overlooked in the erotic spanking communities: who spanks, and who gets spanked, are roles that are not rigidly mapped onto dominants and submissives. You can have a submissive spanker and a dominant spankee. Just because we don’t usually see it, doesn’t mean it’s not a possible thing:

“Now”, she said, “You are going to spank me. But you will follow my instructions exactly or I shall punish you”. She already had my cock and balls tied tight, something that is always guaranteed to make me feel submissive and owned. She picked up a set of vicious looking nipple clips connected by a weighty chain and applied them one at a time. Sharp jags of pain ran through me and I found myself breathing fast as I tried to overcome the sensation. “Calm your breathing!”, she instructed, “or we shan’t go on”. She attached a dog lead to the chain joining the nipples and gave an experimental tug. Ouch! My sharp intake of breath seemed to satisfy her.

In no time I was sat on the bed with Alex’s beautiful rear over me knee, admiring her incredible tattooed legs.

“Begin”, she commanded. I started. I was tentative at first, light smacks on each side, enjoying the way her silk underwear emphasized the curves of her perfect bottom. The combination of her weight on my tightly bound cock and the swing of the heavy chain on my nipples as my hand moved up and down were creating some real difficulty.

I felt a knife of pain through my nipples as she jerked hard on the lead attached to the clamps. “Harder! This is supposed to be a spanking, not a massage!” So I hit her harder. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, her smooth skin turning red under my hand. Losing concentration as my own pain increased, I landed a blow on the top of her thighs, with the reward of another sharp agonising tug on my nipples. Trying to concentrate on inflicting her pain while suffering my own was challenging but incredibly erotic. This was a different experience for me, pain as a shared, mutual experience. There was never any doubt about who was in charge yet, as her bottom rose again and again to meet my hand, I felt my own power in the situation.

  1. blitzblau commented on April 12th, 2016:

    I wrote a piece on another site called “the eight ways” since, in addition to who’s in control, who’s getting the treatment, there is also the dimension of who’s getting the pleasure as in who wants it (whether its oral, pain, bondage, …).

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