Spanked By Four Lesbians

In this further excerpt from the faux-Victorian erotic novel The Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux, our 18-year-old heroine has just been caught spying on the erotic spanking games of four lesbians from Paris:

“Oh, please, let me go, I haven’t done anything! Please let me go!” Lisette Joyaux pleaded as the two Lesbians seized her by the wrists and forced her back into the summerhouse.

“Yes, we shall let you go,” Madeleine retorted, “but, in the meantime, we wish a few answers from you, ma petite!”

“But I tell you, and it’s the truth, I wasn’t spying on you,” Lisette protested, tears glistening in her fear- widened eyes. “I didn’t know anyone lived here anymore, and I just wanted to see the garden! And there you all were…” She stopped, her face turning scarlet.

“Yes, there we all were,” Madeleine rejoined with a mocking smile as she glanced at her three friends. “And so you saw something quite different from what you expected, I’ll bet. You little snoop! I’ve a good mind to tell your parents what a wicked girl you are, to intrude upon private property and to watch what you shouldn’t be watching!”

“Oh, please let me go,” Lisette pleaded, struggling in the grip of her tormentors. “I promise I shan’t say anything, I truly promise! Besides, my parents are dead and I’ve only my old aunt who lives nearby. I meant no harm, truly I didn’t!”

Madeleine glanced at Janine. “And what do you think, ma belle Janine?” she demanded.

“Perhaps the child is telling the truth,” Janine interposed. “She seems so charming, with those big blue eyes, such an innocent.”

“Don’t let yourself be fooled by her looks,” Madeleine reprimanded. “Mata Hari was a beautiful dancer and a stunning woman, but she wound up before a firing squad. No, I say this little one must be given a good lesson so she won’t go around tattling! Our glorious solitude is all of a sudden threatened by the presence of this naughty scamp. I say we give her a good sound smacking on her pretty bottom and send her back where she belongs with a warning.”

“Oh, no!” Lisette gasped, turning an adorable crimson as she struggled to free her wrists. “But I’ve done nothing, I swear to you I haven’t! And I shan’t tell anyone.

“Of course, because you’ve nothing to tell, isn’t that right?” Janine rose and approached the trembling, tearful girl. In her black satin chemise, the stunning divorcĂ©e was exceptionally voluptuous, and naive though Lisette was, she could not help but notice the magnificent figure which the chemise highlighted, nor the brilliant, humid dark brown eyes and the sensual ripe mouth and the creamy skin so liberally displayed. Janine Ericourt extended her right hand and cupped Lisette’s trembling chin, staring deeply into the girl’s eyes.

“All you need know,” she persisted, “was that one of us was being punished for being naughty. Yes, ma petite, just as you are going to be punished now.”

“But I don’t deserve a smacking! I’ve never been smacked. Oh, please, please let me go!” Lisette wailed, suddenly strangely troubled by the compelling nearness of the four beautiful Lesbians who held her in their midst and devoured her with glistening eyes. A cloying scent emanated from their bodies along with the fragrances from naked flesh and the moisture of secret lubrications.

“Why, this is incredible,” Madeleine Surmain declared, “a virgin bottom! In any case, we shan’t let you go, little one, until we’ve had a look at it and given it a good warming to teach you not to be so inquisitive about matters that don’t concern you. Here, let me take her across my lap and the rest of you hold her while I prepare that lovely innocent behind for its initiation!”

So saying, Madeleine seated herself on one of the wicker benches and made a sign to her friends to draw the tearful and pleading captive towards her for the ignominious position such chastisement inevitably requires. Lisette resisted, but her captors were too strong for her. In a moment she was sprawled across the lap of the beautiful brunette, her wrists held by Suzanne and Paulette who knelt down on the floor to hold her wrists more tightly and to catch a better view the spectacle that so enthralled them.

Madeleine bent towards the weeping girl, took hold of her muslin frock and lofted it past Lisette’s waist. A chorused gasp of admiration came from the four Lesbians as they viewed for the first time that voluptuous young ass molded so enticingly by the dainty white silk and lace-trimmed petticoat. This, too, was rucked up and tucked into place along with the skirt to prevent the garments from descending and thus hiding the condemned young behind.

Meanwhile, poor Lisette, shamed and frightened, dragged at her captive wrists and, through tear-blinded eyes, stared at her captors and begged them for mercy, all the while pressing her body tightly down over Madeleine’s lap. She clutched her thighs together tightly, striving to prevent the supreme indignity.

But it was not to be. Now the Lesbians viewed the roundly sculpted behind encased in a tight-fitting pair of pink silk panties, which clung to the curved hemispheres like a second skin. And the pale flesh of Lisette’s blossoming young thighs and smooth calves (she wore no stockings, only short socks and sandals) aroused the perverse natures of the four domineering women to a fever pitch.

“What a magnificent bottom!” Madeleine gasped, her eyes fixed upon the contracting hemispheres, veiled now by only the scanty wisp of silk panties. “Hurry, Janine! I want to see that bottom bared for my eager eyes and my eager hand! I’m going to make those lily white cheeks a flaming red! You little imp, you’ll see!”

Immediately, Janine inserted her slender fingers under the waistband of Lisette’s panties – that final veil of chastity – at which the golden-haired young girl uttered a wild, despairing cry and twisted herself to the left, desperately hoping effort to prevent this final outrage. But Paulette and Suzanne pinched her wrists and gripped them more tightly, while Madeleine curved her left arm round the victim’s waist to pinion her to her fate. And even Lisette’s frantic kicks could not prevent Janine from easing down the panties to reveal her luscious and hitherto untouched posterior, till at last the silken garment halted at mid-thigh and formed a restraining fetter upon Lisette’s struggling bare legs.

A breathless silence ensued as all four Sapphists stared greedily at the flinching, pale, white globes of Lisette’s naked bottom. The cheeks were firmly rounded and set closely together, but in the middle, the ambient furrow began to broaden, allowing a glimpse of the shadowy mysteries of the rectal passageway, which led towards the delicate pink-lipped slit of Lisette’s virginity.

Destroyed by shame, Lisette abandoned herself, bowing her head and sobbing wildly while she huddled and contracted her naked behind in a pathetic and ludicrous effort to diminish its vulnerable areas. Madeleine slowly passed her right palm over those naked globes, exclaiming with delight at the satiny warmth, the pulsating, quivering mobility, the elasticity of the naked flesh and the marvellous symmetry of those netherglobes. This strange caressing, the prelude to punishment, quite paralyzed Lisette, and her cries and tears grew louder.

“Stop that silly noise, my girl!” Madeleine hissed, applying a wicked pinch along the furrow of Lisette’s exposed bottom-cheeks. “I will give you something to cry about, never fear, little one! But don’t deafen our ears with complaints until you’ve really something to complain about, yes?” And with this she applied another pinch, which drew a squeal of pain and shame from the unfortunate captive, who kicked her legs uselessly, trying to fling herself off Madeleine’s lap.

“But it is the most adorable bottom I have ever seen,” Janine lauded as she laid her palms over the palpitating globes and slowly caressed them.

Lisette believed she would die of shame and hid her scarlet face by bowing it down onto the wicker bench, while at the same time, laying her pretty legs flat on the other side. She clenched her legs together with all her strength, well aware of what she must look like to these unfriendly and profaning eyes. But even this instinctive defense provided the four Lesbians with visual delight. The interplay of those vigorous young muscles made the cheeks contract, twitch, and shiver as with doleful anticipation of the castigation about to be inflicted upon them; the Lesbians watched Lisette’s skin tighten and the muscles of the thigh calves ripple and flex, just as the smooth surface of a brook is flurried by a sudden gust of summer wind.

“She is truly enchanting!” Madeleine proclaimed, her own right hand now joining Janine’s as both freely wandered over the satiny white globes.

Suzanne and Paulette, still kneeling beside the bench and holding the captive’s wrist, felt naturally envious of the liberties their two friends were taking, but consoled themselves with the thought that after the spanking was over, they would be able to palpate the charming teenager to their heart’s content.

“Very well now, my little one,” Madeleine spoke in a voice husky with desire, “I am going to spank your bottom for you. When I think you have had enough, I shall ask you some more questions, and if your answers are not satisfactory, perhaps we will find a rod or even a martinet for your big white bottom! Janine, beloved, sit on the other side of the bench and hold her ankles, for I fear she’s going to kick a great deal when she first feels the weight of my hand!”

With this, Madeleine raised her right hand, and, tightening the grip of her left arm around the young girl’s naked waist, applied a noisy Smack! on the plumpest curve of the right bottom-cheek. Lisette’s gasp was echoed by the other three young women who fixed their eyes upon that quivering white posterior and observed how Lisette started under the stinging slap and how at once the pale skin of her behind was splotched with a vivid pink outline of Madeleine’s palm.

“What sensitive skin! What marvelously elastic flesh!” Janine observed, her eyes shining as she stared at the condemned posterior while with both hands she gripped the slim ankles of the young sufferer. “And to think it’s the first time she has ever been smacked. You must make it good, dear Madeleine, so she will long remember it!”

This menacing threat enervated Lisette still more. Jerking at her wrists, trying to arch herself off Madeleine’s lap, she turned her tear-stained face back towards her spanker and in a faint, trembling voice, supplicated: “Oh, I beg of you! I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t mean to look! I promise I shan’t tell anyone, but, oh, don’t sp-sp-spank me. I am so ashamed!”

“That is a proper attitude in which to receive your first correction, then, ma petite,” Madeleine gently responded. “Attention now to the spanking! You shall not escape your just deserts!” And with this, her hand rose and fell briskly, this time applying a sonorous and stinging slap to the other ripe globe. Another bright, flaming-pink patch appeared upon Lisette’s smooth satiny skin.

“Snow and roses commingled,” Suzanne poetically remarked. She now seated herself on the edges of the bench beside Madeleine and gripped the girl’s left wrist with her own slim hands. Leaning towards Lisette, she whispered, “Courage, little one! With so beautiful and big a bottom as yours, you mustn’t expect to go through life without having it properly smacked for you every now and then. And mark my words, it will not be so unpleasant as you think!”

Having established a pattern for the spanking, Madeleine resumed it; at regular intervals, her hand rose and fell, first visiting the right cheek, then the left. And then she began with the tops of the girl’s naked round hips and continued downwards toward the base, just where the thighs joined that voluptuous young posterior. Each noisy slap was accompanied by the victim’s squeals and sobs and groans, and by her convulsive squirmings and lungings, till, by the time the punishment reached the thirtieth slap, it required all the energy of Paulette, Suzanne, and Janine to hold Lisette’s struggling limbs and to keep her well positioned over Madeleine’s ardent lap.

Poor Lisette, tears staining her cheeks, implored mercy now at almost every smack. Her hips began to lurch and jerk from side to side so that involuntarily she displayed the adorable vistas of both her virginal pussy and her anus. The Lesbians observed this exposure with excited eyes. The convulsive surgings of Lisette’s lithe naked thighs made Madeleine increase the vigour of the slaps so as to produce an even more animated response.

By now the lovely white bottom was a fiery red and the frenzied contractions of the chastised netherglobe redoubled.

At last Madeleine paused, out of breath. With her left arm, she pulled the weeping culprit’s body back towards herself, and demanded in a voice shuddering with passion: “Now perhaps you are ready to tell us the truth, you little wretch? Did you come to spy on us? The truth now, or I will have Janine bring me a rod of birch switches from the greenhouse, and then you will see how much more your bottom can smart!”

Turning her face back towards her beautiful executioner, her eyes blinded with tears, her voice choking with sobs, Lisette stammered, “Oh, please, Madame – have mercy on me! I swear it’s the truth: I didn’t come to spy, honestly I didn’t! Oh, please stop now. My poor bottom is so sore; it hurts me so!”

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