Captured By Four Spanking Lesbians

In the faux-Victorian erotic novel The Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux (by Anonymous), our spoiled-but-innocent 18-year-old heroine in the French countryside is exploring an “abandoned” villa which (she is not aware) has recently been rented by a lesbian divorcee and three of her voluptuarian friends from Paris:

Lisette stopped at the gate which led to the mansion, tentatively lifted the latch, and let herself in. Seeing no sign of life, she was about to leave when she spied a narrow alleyway at one side of the house and decided to explore. Taking this path, she arrived at the edge of the garden, from which she observed the little summerhouse. And standing near a bed of nasturtiums, she suddenly perceived that the summerhouse was not at all vacant. She drew closer and her eyes widened with astonishment to behold an incredible sight.

The four young women, to be more at ease and to allow the sun to caress their lush bodies, had entered the summerhouse with the intention of lounging on wicker chairs and upholstered benches placed here and there near windows made of thick, clear glass. The girls wore only scanty chemises, but then, believing themselves alone and safe from prying eyes, they discovered that their sheer garments incited them to lascivious pranks, which ultimately became more and more amorous.

Fortunately for our narrative, if not for our viewpoint character, these four ladies had recently discovered the sexual power of spanking:

Suzanne, you see, had introduced into their rituals a fascinating new precept – that of voluptuous fustigation. While she was separated from her beloved Janine, she chanced to meet Madeleine and Paulette, who themselves were already sweethearts. She invited them to her apartment where the three young women tasted the sweet forbidden fruits of woman-love. Madeleine, however, showed her companion Paulette more attention than Suzanne cared to see, especially as she was the hostess. She accordingly scolded Madeleine, and finally out of exasperation, took the handsome young woman across her lap, and began to spank her as one would an unruly child.

Paulette giggled at the sight of her petite amie’s discomfort. Therefore, the irate Suzanne decided upon firmer measures to show both these young women she wasn’t playing games. She stopped a moment and, rucking up Madeleine’s skirt and chemise, resumed the spanking, her open hand smacking loudly upon Madeleine’s silken panties with such effect that the charming victim squealed and squirmed and finally burst into tears and cried for mercy.

Suzanne, instantly contrite, ceased the punishment and lifted Madeleine to her feet. To her surprise, however, Madeleine was inflamed with desire towards her. The two young women stood, arms entwined around each other, their mouths and tongues fused in mutual frenzy. Paulette was forgotten as both women moved to the couch and there merged in passionate conclave.

Later when Paulette – disconcerted because she had been ignored-protested Madeleine’s infidelity, she herself was forced to that selfsame couch by Madeleine and Suzanne who flung her down upon her belly. Suzanne then seated herself astride Paulette’s supple back while Madeleine lifted up Paulette’s chemise and began to apply a vigorous spanking over the victim’s tender oval-shaped bottom. Paulette burst into tears of chagrin, shame, and distress, but then she, too, discovered the miracle of voluptuous correction from the hands of her beloved, for when they released her, her eyes were humid with desire and she could not wait to make love!

And thus this trio became a passionate one, welded in the crucible of amorous chastisement. From that day forth, the three did not tryst together without resorting to this stimulating kind of prelude. Naturally, when they came to live with Janine, they readily introduced the beautiful brunette divorcée to the mystic ceremonials of flagellation. From the benign spanking with the soft palm, they experimented with a folded newspaper, an ivory comb, a long-handled bath brush, and a dampened napkin (which eventually they knotted so as to serve as a kind of little whip). In the countryside, they discovered how to make birch rods from hedges and trees for their erotic diversions-they even experimented with bouquets of metal. And Suzanne, returning to Paris for a weekend, found a leather-goods shop where she procured a martinet, a red leather dog whip, and several straps of varying lengths and thicknesses which could be put to use in the new household.

Now back to Lisette, who is about to become a whole lot less innocent in a hurry:

And thus it was that the golden-haired Lisette Joyaux beheld a strange scene through the windowpanes of the little summerhouse one July afternoon when curiosity and boredom led her into the hidden and shielded garden of what she and her aunt believed to be an abandoned mansion. She stood transfixed beside the bed of nasturtiums watching the most incredible sight she had ever witnessed.

Paulette, slim and tall and copper-haired, revelling in the verve of her twenty-three years, was wielding a three-thonged martinet upon the naked bottom of Suzanne who was couched across the lap of Janine and whose hands were held by her adoring sweetheart Madeleine. Suzanne’s chemise was unbuttoned and dragged up high on her ivory back to expose the contoured cheeks of her naked behind, separated by a broadening furrow. Suzanne weaved and twisted and flailed her bare legs wildly in the air under each stinging kiss of the martinet, allowing little Lisette to see the thickly fleeced aperture of her pussy, as well as the bewitching pink rosette of her anus. The woman convulsed under the biting impact of the broad leather thongs as they darted through the air and flattened with a noisy crack over her bare bottom, causing her shuddering hemispheres to yawn further apart and to clench in convulsive spasms.

Janine curved her left arm around Suzanne’s waist and pressed her right hand against the cheekbone of the victim. With blazing eyes she followed the flight of the red leather band already raising angrily crimson streaks on the victim’s skin.

“Go on, you are only just beginning!” she encouraged Paulette. “Make her cry, make her beg pardon, naughty girl that she is!”

But suddenly Paulette stopped, the wooden handle of the martinet clutched tightly in her hand, and her mouth gaped with surprise. She had just spotted Lisette at the end of the garden, and she was petrified with surprise at this intrusion.

“No!” she hissed. “There is someone spying on us! Pull her chemise down and let her up! We must go catch this wicked spy who dares interrupt our pleasure!”

Lisette could not move from her vantage spot, even when she saw Paulette cast aside the martinet, saw Madeleine help Suzanne to her feet and pull down her chemise, and then saw all four beauties leave the summerhouse and rush towards her. When she finally regained her poise, it was too late. Janine, running like a young deer, came up to her and seized her by a wrist.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? How dare you spy upon us, you little good-for-nothing!” the brunette divorcée exclaimed.

“I have an idea,” Madeleine smiled knowingly as her eyes devoured the girl’s budding figure. “Into the summerhouse with her, and we’ll let her have a taste of the martinet herself and thus learn the truth!”

As they say: To be continued!

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