Noreen’s Judicial Whipping

In the erotic novel Augustus and Lady Maude, a young woman named Noreen has been railroaded into prison and is about to suffer a judicial whipping before a jaded crowd of local gentry:

They made her bend forward over the first of the hurdles, both structures being built of solid timbers, heavy and substantial enough to support her easily. Being bolted to the floor and equipped with stout straps, the hurdles held her very securely. While they bent her over the first hurdle, the men drew her arms out at full stretch in front of her and fastened them down by the wrist-cuffs on the further hurdle. This bar on which her wrists were pinioned could be raised or lowered. By lowering it, the gaoler would be able to make Noreen bend over very tightly indeed. It was only to be expected that he would want to do that so that the girl offered a more sexually suggestive target for the whip.

The hurdle which supported her belly had a harness strap quite three inches broad. They tightened this round her bare waist to hold her firmly down. Bending over like this, Noreen was made to present a most provoking and full-cheeked rear view. The faded washed-out jeans-denim was excitingly tight and smooth over the broadened mounds of her buttocks. The sight which she offered would have made any man a disciplinarian!

One man smiled, standing behind her. His hands began to feel and fondle her rear cheeks through the skin-tight jeans-seat. Noreen panted and twisted, trying in vain to evade his stroking. He chuckled as he felt her through the smooth denim. “Ah, yes! A nice soft swell of pussy-flesh in your pants! Now the cheeks of your strapping young bottom, Noreen! You’re wearing panties underneath, aren’t you, Noreen? I can just feel the outline of some tight-fitting briefs. Did you think the justices might let you wear your cotton briefs while you were whipped, Noreen? Why, that would spoil the fun for them! You’ll have your panties taken down, never fear. You must feel the snakeskin lash on your bare bottom!” The men left her with the flutter of panic in her young belly growing to real fright.

The gaoler made her wait for half an hour in this torment of suspense. Then he arrived and chose two whips from the table. One was a leather switch about four feet long, slim and wickedly supple. The other was the woven snakeskin of the short pony-lash. Without speaking to her, he undid Noreen’s riding-jeans at the waist. She twisted her legs, gasping and struggling to prevent him stripping her, but he wrenched the denim down and off. Soon Noreen’s knickers also lay in an untidy tangle round her ankles. The gaoler studied the broad-cheeked pallor of Noreen’s bottom as she bent over the hurdles.

He smiled as he glimpsed her sex at the rear of her thighs. Then he spoke to her. “Later on I’ll make you bend over even tighter, Noreen. I want you to look as big-bottomed as possible when I whip you. There’s no need for pretense here. I shall very much enjoy thrashing you. I’ll bend you tighter presently so that you show much more between the backs of your legs. And I’ll want your bottom-cheeks stretched hard apart so that I can see everything between them while I whip you, Noreen!”

The gaoler flexed the supple length of his leather switch. “Now get arse-upwards over the hurdle, Noreen, you young tart! Get right over it! Properly! To enforce this, he lowered the forward hurdle bar to which her wrists were strapped, making her bend over more tightly. This caused the robust pale mounds of Noreen’s buttocks to be pulled apart a little more. The remarks of the worthy magistrates who watched left Noreen in no doubt that we had seen the vulgar sight she offered!

She sometimes wore her lank dark hair in a collar-length pony-tail, and the gaoler now gathered it back in this style and slipped a rubber band round it to hold it. One could now see the slant of resentment in her brown eyes and the defiant resolve in the line of her chin and firm young features. “The justices must see your face while you’re being thrashed, Noreen,” the gaoler said. “They like to see how you’re taking it. All the men and women here approve of a really pitiless whipping given to a young trollop like you!”

The handle of the four-foot leather switch was thick as his thumb but the whip tapered to a point that was fine as a pencil tip. Smiling, he touched the back of Noreen’s thigh, high up, with the quiveringly fine bobble-tip of the whip. We smiled as well to see how she flinched from the cold menace of the leather.

For a little while longer he teased the nineteen-year-old wench, stroking the whip gently down each bare flank of her hips. As he caressed her with the leather switch one could hear the light sounds of her legs smoothing together in panic and the heavier breathing of her fright. Then, as if a signal had been given, we knew the punishment was about to begin. All smiles faded and each mouth was tightened in severity. The gaoler’s voice was hard and humourless. “You fat-arsed young tart, Noreen! Fifty strokes of the whip across your bare bottom-cheeks to begin with! Bend right over and keep your backside facing the magistrates!”

Without waiting for her response, he raised the quivering switch high behind his shoulder. Light flashed from the polished leather as he brought it down with ear-stunning force across the pale fattened cheeks of Noreen’s backside. To our delight, Noreen’s gasp of anguish at the impact rose to a wild cry as the torment swelled to a climax over several seconds. At the moment when the ferocity of the first whip-smack reached its fullest, the gaoler brought the whip down again across the squirming cheeks of Noreen’s bottom in a still more vicious stroke. Though she was a strong and broad-hipped girl, the searching intensity of the redoubled smart paralysed Noreen in sound and movement. Her hands were clenched into fists, her leg-muscles tightened as with cramp, and she was up on her toes with the exquisite white fire of the lash. Far from allowing her a respite, the gaoler touched the switch lightly, aiming across the lower and fatter swell of the young saddle-dresser’s buttocks. He knew how sensitive that softer fullness of Noreen’s backside would be. With savage accuracy he made that pallid fatness jump under the whip’s impact.

With rapid strokes, he whipped her again across that sensitive undercurve. Noreen screamed and writhed, her shrillness quickening the excitement of the watching justices. She twisted her face round, her brown eyes wider and her mouth distended in the wildness of her cries. It was only to be expected that the gaoler should want to make Noreen scream as the whip caught her backside. Her shrillness was a tribute to his art. As a disciplinarian he was also bound to enjoy whipping her cruelly low across her buttocks with the leather switch. Indeed, he now aimed the quivering wand across the light flesh-crease dividing her buttocks and upper thighs. To hear a robust young wench like Noreen shriek as she did then is a rare experience. No wonder the gaoler whipped hard again across the rising weal he had just inflicted.

The switch smacked peremptorily across Noreen’s bottom. Her fattened young backside writhed and surged on the bar. One did not blame a gaoler’s severity, seeing the sight the girl offered. Noreen’s buttocks were interlaced by plum-coloured weals, which naturally made the gaoler want to be truly sadistic with her. When a well-built and insolent girl of nineteen like Noreen shows such brand-marks of the whip across her bare arse, no true moralist takes pity on her. The sight of the whip’s weals across her bottom-cheeks show him how badly she needs to be corrected and the sight of Noreen’s bum-cheeks in such a state would be bound to put certain cruel ideas into his mind. To have Noreen’s bottom-cheeks smarting so untouchably from the whip and then to have the chance of thrashing her hard in such a responsive state would be an excitement for many men and even some women! One also excuses the gaoler’s severity because Noreen, now arse-upwards over the hurdle-bar, was writhing her thrashed bottom in anguish, a twisting and surging which might almost have been an erotic dance. This display she offered would have been seductively lascivious even if performed before her bridegroom on her honeymoon night to entice him to bed.

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  2. ian Warrick commented on June 20th, 2018:

    Her defiance under the whip should earn a severe caning a few weeks later. This should be administered by a female officer, a good dose of the ratten across tight punishment drawers then bared for a really severe dose of the whipping cane

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