A Moralist Abroad

In the erotic novel Augustus and Lady Maude, the titular Lady Maude is the social guest of a Turkish pasha. At one of the pasha’s entertainments, Lady Maude meets an unwilling English dancing girl named Sarah:

That night I found a message from Sarah on my pillow. She urged me to inform the world of her unwilling captivity and to aid her escape. Knowing me as you do, dear friend, you are aware that I have an inflexible morality in social matters. I stop at nothing to uphold moral order. Yet, in the country where I was a guest, that moral order made this young wriggler the slave of Ahmed Pasha. To steal her from him, by the laws of the land, was no better than stealing his finest horse or his most costly silver plate.

You will see at once that there was but one course which conscience allowed me to follow. I inquired of the vizier what punishment would be visited upon a girl guilty of such domestic treason. He smiled and spoke of bare-bottom whipping followed by the placing of a certain mark of ownership on the inward slopes of her bottom-cheeks. When Sarah stood upright, it would be concealed. When she was made to bend over, there would be no doubt to whom she belonged.

Delighted to hear that they knew how to deal with her, I at once took the traitorous note to Ahmed Pasha. I confess, however, that my own delight was somewhat exceeded by that of the vizier himself. Can you not guess why? He it was who would have the enjoyable task of commanding the penalties and the thought of doing such things to the young blonde made him hardly able to keep his hands out of his trousers.

As a supporter of justice and the need to punish delinquency however it may arise, I had hoped to be a spectator when Sarah was strapped down astride the bench on all fours. Alas, this was not to be. Such things are done very privately, in order to prevent scandal and tales being told. It is the custom for the vizier to be alone with the girl and to partake of certain preliminary enjoyments as his reward.

I was permitted, as a student of such jurisprudence, to view the scene before the door was closed upon Sarah and her passionate disciplinarian. To see this lithe and agile girl of eighteen or nineteen strapped down on all fours astride the bench was a story in itself. The shock of blond hair and the painted young face made such a self-pitying ensemble. She wore her breast-halter, but from the strap round her waist to the strap which pinioned her bare legs just above the knees, she was quite naked. From the back of her waist to the back of her knees, she was at the disposal of the sadistic vizier.

I was not able to witness the sequel, not indeed to hold any conversation of the normal kind with Sarah. The gag was already in place and so there was wildness in her blue eyes with their mascara’d lashes. Yet there lay upon the floor a trailing whip which would have brought the most disobedient filly to correction after half a dozen strokes. And in the glow of the brazier coals two little marking discs were heating, each the size of a small coin. I returned Sarah’s frenzy with a smile and advised her to learn obedience and gratitude to her master. With that I nodded to the vizier and urged him to chastise the little whore soundly. I observe respect for social morality — in whichever society I happen to be.

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  1. RC commented on February 20th, 2016:

    I am surprised Lady Maude did not recommend the use of larger coins, for the benefit of such onlookers as might be near-sighted.

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