Revenge-Paddling The Prosecutor

The anonymous story Retribution appears to be fanfic starring Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid from the original Law and Order TV show. Apparently one of the criminals she convicted had a vengeful girlfriend with a posse of cruel henchwomen:

Placing her key in the car door, Claire heard a noise behind her. Suddenly, hands grabbed her. Before she could look around, a blindfold covered her eyes. Duct tape was suddenly on her mouth, suppressing her scream. She knew she was in trouble.

A girl’s voice whispered in her ear, “I told you you’d be sorry, bitch.” Claire was scared. She could tell there was a larger group surrounding her, but couldn’t tell how many. Then she was pushed into the back seat of a car, and sped off to parts unknown.

About twenty minutes later, the car came to a stop. The girl in the back with Claire pushed her out. From the sound of shutting doors, Claire could tell there was at least one other car. The whole group began walking, pushing Claire along in front of them.

Metal doors opened and closed. The sound of their “clank” reverberated through what seemed to be a large open space. Claire was led for some ways, until the group stopped. As the blindfold and tape were removed, Claire saw that the large room was empty except for a padded chair.

Claire’s breath was uneven now as her fear and apprehension grew. “What are you going to do to me?” she asked finally, hardly wanting to hear the answer.

“You’ll find out soon enough. You see, Ms. ‘KINK-AID’, I’m pretty upset that you sent my Jason away to prison. That wasn’t very nice, you know. Now I’m without a boyfriend, and he’s locked up with a bunch of pervert convicts.”

“Look, I was just doing my job …” Claire interrupted.

“Shut up! You know what it’s like in prison, don’t you, Ms. Kink-aid? But you didn’t give a shit! You put him away because it was ‘justice’! Well, we’re going to get a little justice of our own now. Okay, ladies, strip her.”

In a flash, the other girls were pulling off her clothes, popping buttons, tearing her suit. In short order, Claire stood among the six girls, naked except for her panties.

“Put her over the chair,” came the next order.

Claire’s head was spinning. This was all happening so fast, so strangely. She tried to think … what could she do? Before she could react, she was bent over the back of the chair, her wrists tied to the front legs, her barely-covered buttocks jutting out behind her.

“Okay, Ms Kink-aid,” Delia taunted, “now we’re going to get our justice. Only we don’t have any prisons or jails to send you to, so we’ll have to use a different style of justice – Singapore style.”

Claire started to panic as she understood the true meaning of Delia’s words. They were going to cane her! After pulling unsuccessfully on her bindings, she tried to bargain: “Hey, come on, we don’t need to do this…”

Delia laughed at her. “No, you don’t need this, do you? But we do. And we’re going to get it.”

Claire heard a swooshing noise and looked up to see one of the girls holding what was to be the instrument of her punishment. It wasn’t a cane, but a large, evil-looking paddle, about eighteen inches long and three or four inches wide. Five holes were drilled out of its center to cut wind resistance, and these created the whistling sound as it swept through the air.

“So let’s see, what did Jason get, Ms Kink-aid,” Delia continued, “twelve years? I think the payback calls for at least a three strokes for each year, don’t you girls?”

Claire heard the other girls mutter their agreement, but her mind was racing now. “Twelve …three … thirty-six! My God, ….there’s no way I can take that!” she thought. Claire knew her own tolerance for pain, and it was definitely low. A simple paper cut would cause her severe discomfort for days. She couldn’t imagine what that vicious paddle would feel like when it slammed into her backside.

Claire was immobile, stunned, as she heard Delia command, “Take down her panties. Just to the knees.”

Two hands gripped the waistband of Claire’s bikinis and lowered them to just above her knees. She was fulling exposed now, her pale white cheeks completely accessible to them, her panties pulled down like a naughty schoolgirl’s.

“Look, can’t we talk about this?”, she asked hopefully.

“You did all your talking in court, bitch. Now it’s time to pay for it.”

Suddenly Claire heard that noise again, followed by a loud “WHAP!” It took a second or so for her to actually feel the result, but it came with a startling, searing heat through both buttocks. A scream sprang from her lips as she jerked involuntarily against her restraints. Her eyes were wide with the shock and pain of the paddle’s impact. The paddle hurt even more than she’d ever imagined it would. She struggled for control, trying to maintain some dignity despite her position. Her breath came in short, desparate gasps.

She heard the girls taunting her, commenting on the paddle’s effects, the deep red blotch it had created on her sensitive skin. Then there was that awful swoosh and another wave of stinging pain shot through her. This time it drew just a short shriek as Claire clenched her teeth to suppress anything more. Her eyes shut tightly and her whole body shivered as she tried to remain quiet despite the pain in her backside.

Claire stared intently at the floor. She heard shuffling behind her as Delia passed the paddle to someone else. She heard the swoosh and tensed up, but felt nothing. Then she heard it again and realized the girl was practicing, warming up. A short silence, then that dreadful sweep and “SMACK! …..SMACK! …..SMACK!!!!” in quick succession. Unable to hold back anymore, Claire lost her compusure, howling in agony.

A couple of the girls whooped in appreciation of Claire’s reaction. “Nice job, Mara!” they said with a laugh. “Hey, lady, how’s your butt feel?” they taunted, “Getting a little hot back there? Wow, look at her ass!”

Tears filled Claire’s eyes now. “Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed.

Delia’s voice was filled wth hate. “Because you deserve it, you bitch! You deserve a punishment you’ll never forget. And I’m going to make sure you get it. I’m going to enjoy listening to you scream.”

Claire couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Surely someone would stop it, would come through the door and rescue her from her tormentors. But her reason told her that no one was around, that no one knew where she was, that no one would hear the screams that she knew were inevitable. She was at the mercy of these ruthless young women. Her only course was to endure it and hope that they were not crazy enough to kill or maim her.

“Who’s next?” she heard Delia say. From the sound of her voice, Claire could tell that the girl was stimulated by seeing her punished. That sent a nasty chill up her spine.

“Me!” came an enthusiastic reply. Another girl stood behind her, anxious for her chance to blister the young lawyer’s tender derriere….

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