Birching And Nurturing

In the Victorian erotic novel Venus In The Country, governess Pamela has learned that the young ladies in her charge having been sneaking looks at the sexy words in her unabridged French dictionary. Nothing will serve but a birching:

“Really, Pamela, surely you do not mean to birch us?”

“Of course I do, Helen. It is solely for your good, as all know in the nurturing of young ladies. Did I not find you reading my French dictionary last night?”

Helen blushed and hung her head.

“I did not intend. ‘Twas left about by accident. Mere curiosity made me pick it up. Oh, but I did not really read it properly, though I have never seen the like of such a book.”

“It is for adults and teachers only, Helen. Even so, I am sure you must have learned a little from it. Can you tell me what pine is?”

“Oh, I dare not!”

“Come, Helen, or you shall receive an extra six strokes.”

“Please, no, for it burns terribly! Very well, I must whisper it. It means prick.”

“Excellent, Helen, and now you have learned that, I suppose you might as well learn more. Amourous conversations, I believe, are best conducted in the tongue of the French. No one who overhears knows then what is being said and judges only innocent matters afoot. But now, Miss, I must attend to you. Let us have your skirt up and your drawers off.”

“Oh, but Papa never makes me take them off!”

“A grave mistake that we must rectify, my sweet. Come – quickly about it. No doubt you are used to bending over your Papa’s desk, but I intend you in future to have a different posture. As Miranda is out with your Mama, we may proceed without interruption. Let me see your bottom now!”

Rather fearfully, Helen obeyed. Her figure and form were in many respects much the same as Pamela’s and so in presenting herself as instructed she was able to display a perfectly rounded and polished pair of bottom cheeks beneath which, by moving her legs apart, Pamela could glimpse the very dell of love itself. Advising Helen that this was at all future times to be her birching position, with her knees kept at least twelve inches apart, Pamela then picked up the birch whose twigs she had soaked overnight. She intended not to hurt the dear girl, but merely to bring her to such a state as would make her look forward to her trouncings under the twigs rather than fear them.

“This, Helen, is known as the ceremonial position, which all young ladies of seventeen and above must maintain. You must lower your head and shoulders well and push your bottom up. Good, now dip your face into your hands and cover your eyes, for you must also be modest and not allow your expression to show.”

So saying, Pamela ran her free hand lightly over the delicious hemispheres and felt an answering quiver while Helen closed her eyes tightly in her cupped palms. The first swish of the birch made her jump and squeal, for her drawers had always previously protected her. But Pamela fully expected such a reaction, and first let the impact of the twigs sink in before applying another.

The faint rosy hue which appeared on the otherwise spotless pale globe so pleased and excited Pamela that, quite forgetting herself, she brought the third one down much harder and received an answering jerk and a cry. Recovering herself, she applied the next and the next so lightly that they were but veritable caresses and tickled Helen rather than scorched her. Relieved that she was not to be put to so hard a test as her fond Papa had often put her in the study for some transgression or another, Helen yielded herself more eagerly. Indeed, she pushed her bottom out to the next strokes even as Pamela herself had done.

Swish! Swish! Swish! the birch sounded, and with each a ruddier glow announced itself on Helen’s nether cheeks until she became quite dazed and not a little excited, for a tip or two of the twigs occasionally brushed her slit which was already moistening sweetly. So delicious was the entire vista, in fact, that Pamela cast the birch down of a sudden and, flinging herself upon the bed before Helen knew what she was at, so positioned herself on her back that her mouth came exactly beneath the cleft that so patently sought attention…

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