How To Make A Birching Sexier

In this excerpt from the 1895 Victorian classic Venus In The Country, our heroine Pamela is a young governess in the house of Sir Richard, with whom she has been dallying. Here we find her gently educating him in how to prolong the pleasures of a birching-and-fucking session:

“Oh, sir, if only it could last longer!”

Sir Richard, like many men who pursue quick pleasures, had never entertained such a thought before. A frown crossed his fine features lest he had disappointed her, but then he smiled at the roguishly sly look which Pamela had done her best to conceal.

“Would you make it so? Last longer?”

“Well, sir, I imagine it could be done if one was slow enough about it. The girl would enjoy it more, I am sure, and besides it is more seductive.”

Quite taken aback by her impetuous speech, Pamela hid her eyes, fearful that he would upbraid her. Had another wench spoken to him like this, Sir Richard might have done so, but he sensed that this was no common girl. The idea of giving a woman pleasure had rarely come to him. Females, dammit, were made to give men pleasure, and those he had bedded often avowed that no one made them come so much. Now, however, a doubt seized him. Besides, he had never discussed such matters with a girl before.

Drawing her to him as they lay upon the divan, he renewed his caresses about her snowy tits while Pamela shyly held his cock.

“Tell me more of your theories.”

“Well, sir, I fear to offend you, but if a girl’s button is played with longer, she comes more and is ready for it more. Then, if the gentleman lies with her and kisses her quite all over in every crevice and everywhere while she plays with his cock, she would be in a rare lather for it. But then I think he must control his movements when he is in her and take longer about it. Indeed, when you held it in me, it was most delicious!”

“I say, good heavens, you are a philosopher of love proper, Pamela! Have you had so much experience, then?”

Pamela’s expression showed her shock.

“Oh, no, sir, truly, but I have thought of it. Supposing you were to try and tame a girl. How would you go about it?”

As she spoke, Pamela felt his cock thicken and begin to rise again. This time she gripped it more tightly.

Sir Richard chuckled.

“A good birching perhaps on her bare bottom and then ram it in her quick.”

“Oh, no, sir. Truly you would have the pleasure of her, but would she come back for more? Better to give her a long, light switching and then tease her up a bit. Oh! but what am I saying!”

Pamela was truly astonished at all the ideas she had expressed.

“Naught but the truth, m’dear, as I see it. By Jove, you have cast a new light on things. Many’s the girl I have birched and rodded who has run a mile at the sight of me again.”

“There! Do you see! I was truly right, and now this naughty thing of yours is throbbing again…

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