Spanked For Moustache Teasing

Ronnie adds a new one to the big list of ways to get your husband to spank you: she teased him mercilessly about the mustache he used to have!

I found one particular picture of me and P [showing] my husband when he used to sport a moustache which I teased him about…. I reminded my husband of all this, I’m sure it came back to him as if it were yesterday, as it did me, and then I teased him more about his dreadful moustache. He took umbrage, or pretended to, and told me to stop ribbing him or he’d spank me. So I told him he’d looked a proper twat those days, I’d always thought it (I hadn’t really), and I’d hated the moustache tickling me. He said I’d never seemed to complain when it had tickled between my legs.

I overdid the ribbing of course, I know you can see what’s coming, so could I, and P told me ‘Right that’s enough, you’re coming upstairs with me for a spanking’.

My husband took me firmly by the arm and hustled me upstairs, I turned my face away so he couldn’t see the excited grin as I objected and told him he couldn’t and he wouldn’t dare and our neighbours were in etc, all of which he ignored. He pulled my t-shirt off and I was over his knee sans jeans in a trice, with him sitting askew on the edge of the bed, getting my backside spanked very hard and my husband telling me he remembered those nights and plenty of other times we’d had fun and he’d never realised I’d thought he was a twat all that time, he was laying it on, in more ways than one he’s very good at that.

He stopped for a pause and asked me if I wanted to apologise. I didn’t. So he took my knickers down to my knees and I gasped and then his right leg clamped across my thighs and he spanked me harder and I wriggled and squealed and kept pushing my bum out for more, I was horny as hell and wanted him to know it. He stopped suddenly, my bottom was stinging outrageously, he told me he’d worked up a bit of a sweat and he could see I had too as there were beads glistening on the small of my back, a bit like on that holiday but not as much, then he bent down and licked me, from just above my bum to between my shoulders and back again, he told me I tasted nice, I thought he might try tasting between my legs, he’d have found plenty of moisture there of a different kind.

He spanked me a bit more but it was distinctly sexual now, still stingy but lighter, and I responded accordingly thrusting my backside up provocatively to meet the spanks. Eventually it stopped and I was pushed off his lap onto the bed with my legs dangling off the edge expecting to hear his zipper any second…

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  1. ronniesoul commented on November 11th, 2015:

    Nice surprise. Thanks for the mention.


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