Transit Employee Correction

The local transit authority maintains the highest standard of customer service. Transit customers filed three complaints against this employee for rudeness in the past week, and so there’s only one course of action sure to improve her customer service skills:

uniformed transit employee receives a whipping punishment for lousy customer service

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  1. Izon commented on November 11th, 2015:

    Considering that’s a Death’s Head emblem under a nazi swaztika on her hat (an SS officer’s hat if I am not mistaken), I would say the punishment was well earned.

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 11th, 2015:

    You’ve got sharper eyes than me. I liked her a lot better when she was a train conductor. :(

  3. Izon commented on November 11th, 2015:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin it for you. But the cap kind of puts the caption in an odd light if you get my meaning.

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