Grumpy Husband Spanks

Where I grew up we sometimes used the phrase “grumpy as an old bear with a toothache”, and it sounds like a spot of ear trouble made Ronnie’s husband just about that grumpy. But she found a way to cheer him up:

I’d just had a shower and was drying my hair, he was in the office at his laptop, I called to him a few times that I’d love a cup of tea if he was making one. I got no answer and went into the office, towel wrapped round me, he had his back to me but heard or sensed the door open, I asked if he’d heard me call. He hadn’t, then he said it was no bloody good calling room to room I’d be better off emailing him or getting a couple of baked beans cans and a piece of string. I said “temper temper, poor dear” and bent down and kissed him on the neck.

I wasn’t being patronising but he didn’t like my ‘attitude’ as he put it when I was lying across his lap on the futon ten seconds later, he didn’t discuss anything, just hoisted up the bath towel over my bottom and gave me a good hard spanking. I objected and squealed a bit but he told me I was wasting my time he couldn’t hear me anyway so save my breath.

Spankings, immediately after showering or bathing, are wonderful terrible, they sting twice as much and I struggled quite a bit. When he sat me up, on his right side, he said that was for making fun of him, I told him I hadn’t been making fun of him! He said not to argue unless I wanted another dose (I did but I didn’t argue), then he asked me what I’d wanted. I told him it didn’t matter now and I was sorry for disturbing him.

I went to get up but he held me back and pulled the towel open, he kissed my shoulder and tweaked my nipples, he said if I was saying anything he couldn’t hear me because his left ear was was turned towards me. I wasn’t saying anything just murmuring, then I reached my hand down to his crotch which was bulging and I whimpered for it and if he didn’t hear it he couldn’t mistake my actions. I had him unzipped and his cock out in a trice, teasing the glistening precum with the tip of my tongue…

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