The Vengeful Whips

This story excerpt is for people who like the fantasy of extreme punishment, with unimaginable pain that cannot be avoided. The first line of The Judge by “Curt Strap” reads “Superior Court Judge Nola Augustine was looking for Satan.” In this story that’s all we really get for Nola’s character motivation, as she arranges for her own kidnapping by a known-sadist gangster with a serious grudge against her. She appears to be acting on a self-immolatory impulse, and the extreme pain she seeks is exactly what she gets:

He walked over to the wall of whips and took two items down. He carried them back to the shaking girl.

“This, cunt, is a real Scottish tawse, about seventy years old. You’ll note that it is a tailed strap with a fire-hardened tip. The tip bites like an scorpion. It’ll be a few days before you sample that one. This other one is an English birch. It just needs to soak a few hours in some brine before it tastes your cute ass”.

Slowly, methodically, Lim smacked the wooden table with the tawse. Nola stared aghast, as with each relentless stroke the man’s lips grew thinner and drew back from his teeth.

The old man tied Nola’s wrists together behind her back, palms facing out, and pulled her arms high up to the beam putting extreme pressure on her shoulder muscles. A chain bolted to the floor held
a noose looped tightly around her neck. Nola was forced up on her toes with her legs widely separated by an iron rod welded to two ankle shackles. She was bent over, her upper body almost parallel to the floor, her breasts and hair hanging.

The paralysed woman shrieked her protest when Lim moved behind her, opened his pants and ran the head of his enormous prick up and down the crevice of her buttocks. Then, letting his pants drop to the floor, he stepped back and swung a leather strap directly across Nola’s lush buttocks. Her body went rigid in torment, her tear-blurred eyes snapped open and an unearthly howl cut the stale air.

He laughed and struck Nola again, slicing into her bare ripe ass, tearing another shriek of pain from her tortured lungs.

Nola’s shrill voice shrieked for pity. “No, No..mor…more pain, please….please….no more…!”

“But of course there will be more pain, cunt,” Lim squealed in delight. “Duc, get your strap working!”

Her updrawn arms kept her motionless. She waited in horrified fascination as both man and boy pulled arms back, then struck like ferocious snakes, one strap catching the underside of both buttocks and the other laying a diagonal welt across both heaving cheeks.

The pain was beyond imagination and for a few seconds Nola couldn’t even scream. Her head lunged up hard against the noose and her blurred, tear-filled eyes stared blankly. Then a long wail of pure agony escaped her lips.

Both whips assaulted her bare ass again. Spasms surged through her tortured body. Her naked flesh was wet with sweat and perspiration dripped from her armpits. The pain was atrocious.

The leather snapped fiery-red, round flesh again. It had to stop. But it didn’t stop. Again and again the blistering leather welted her ass as it hissed and cracked noisily.

Scream after scream echoed through the vault as she twisted in desperate agony. Her cries were hoarse, wild and unrestrained. Red-hot shivers of agony shattered her…

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