Spanked And Fisted

Maintenance for Abby and her master includes a weekly spanking, but that’s not always the whole story:

The first words i hear from Master are, ‘I have been thinking about You’. Now, i have been around long enough to wonder where this is going. I tell Him i hope they are good and happy thoughts. “I have not stretched out that pussy in way too long.”


I now tell Master that He knows where my head will be all day. I now know that fisting will be a part of maintenance, and Master knows that it is one of the things i do better with if i have a chance to wrap my head around it, instead of surprising me.

It is maintenance time, Master greets me with a grin and asks about my day. I tell Him He was on my mind more that usual. His grin widens.

I am kneeling, naked, being reclaimed. Master is talking, reminding me that all of me is His, all of the time. Then it is warm-up time, before the maintenance paddle starts in. I tell Master the spanks seem harder this week, He reminds me why we have maintenance. These spanks are not nearly as hard as a punishment spanking, and He is also getting me ready for part two of maintenance.

Once the spanking ends, Master checks and starts to make sure that i am very wet and ready.

Fisting…i had read about it before i met Master, and wondered if it was really possible. Much to my amazement i eventually found out that it was. For me, i have to be very well lubricated, with my own juices, and some extra, and near the edge of orgasm also helps. Master accomplishes both of those, and tells me to keep breathing and relax. I concentrate on both of those, and i start to feel the sensation of being filled, connected in a special way to my Master. Orgasms are much stronger and longer, and when we are done i am totally awash in a feeling of submission. Master rubs my back and talks quietly to me, until my breathing starts to regulate itself, and i can start to respond to Him. He then pulls me up into His lap, for some snuggling and smooching…

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