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far east media spanking sex movies

Here’s a trip down memory lane for you all. A dozen years ago, which was a couple of years before Sex and Submission broke the porn-industry taboo that then prevailed against combining bondage and sex in the same porn, you could search high and low (and many of us did!) without finding spanking and explicit sex in the same movie or together at all in any sort of visual porn. But even before Sex And Submission changed the rules of the whole BDSM/sex/porn game, a company called Far East Media had started bringing together spanking and explicit sex in the same movies, and for a few years they had that market completely cornered. They eventually progressed to spanking and anal sex movies, which were even more unheard of back then (and still aren’t exactly common).

The problem is that the original Far East Media subscription website was barely adequate even by the technical standards of 2004. And it never got updated with better video formats, streaming, or any of the other visual and technical features that porn-site subscribers expected. The video content was fine, but the overall experience sucked. By 2008, when the site stopped updating, people had long been complaining that the website experience was nothing like as good as the actual spanking-and-sex content on it.

Imagine then my surprise and delight at discovering that there are 22 movies from Far East Media available via Video on Demand (VOD) from FetishMovies.com. They can be streamed on a per-minute basis (with some free minutes available to new customers) or you can buy 7-day or lifetime streaming rental privileges. No recurring billings, no ancient website. It’s awesome, and I’m delighted to be able to remind you all of these classic movies that have been effectively unavailable for so long.

far east media sex and spanking movies

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