Whip Practice

Delirious Hunter isn’t just serving as an overqualified candlestick in this scene, oh, no. She’s working on her inner peace. The more calm she can be, the less she moves, and the less she moves, the less molten-hot wax comes spilling down all over her beautiful exposed body:


She’s finding, however, that there’s a major obstacle to calmness in this tableaux. The obstacle becomes clear when we pan out. Turns out there’s some whip practice underway:


If he’s perfect, he puts out the burning candle and she doesn’t feel a thing. But he’s a long way from perfect. He needs a lot of practice. And even when he doesn’t hit Delirious, or the candle (which is just as bad), the crack of the whip makes her flinch. And when she flinches, the wax spills.

It’s a tall candle. It’s gonna be a long day.

Pictures are from Real Time Bondage, where this whipwork demonstration was part of one of their regular liveshows.

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