Enforcing Good Sex

ErosBlog captioned this artwork “Urging Him On To Better Efforts.” So now I can’t help but to imagine that it shows us how the current crop of young, sexually-progressive women out there avoid sexual disappointment. All those likely-looking but completely-untrained young studs they hook up with using those “swipe left, swipe right” apps on their phones? Here’s how to get what you need out of them:

spanking him in time to his fucking thrusts

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  1. Islander commented on May 13th, 2015:

    Cool pic.

    I was with this girl a couple years ago. Told her a fantasy of mine was to have a girlfriend bring me to another woman for “correction” because I wasn’t fucking her properly. After an initial spanking I had to have sex with the girlfriend who would tell me what to do to her sexually and I had to do it. The second woman would monitor me as I fucked/sucked/licked my girlfriend, and spank me while doing her if I wasn’t doing it to their standards.

    When I told her that fantasy, this girl’s voice got deep and husky and she said, “I would so TOTALLY do that!”

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