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One more thing I didn’t expect then about living in the future now: 20,000 smart words in Salon essentially reviewing a spanking scene from a current television show, with compare-and-contrast to the same scene in the 1990s bodice-ripping romance novel the show is based on. Here’s Tracy Clark-Flory summarizing the TV version:

As a result of disregarding her new husband Jamie’s instructions for remaining out of harm’s way, Claire ends up in the clutches of the show’s villain, Capt. Jack Randall. So, Jamie and his men come to her rescue, risking their lives in the process. Once they’re safe back home, Jamie feels it’s time to resolve the issue. He takes off his belt and says, “You’ve done considerable damage disobeying my orders” — he snaps the belt — “and I’m going to punish you for it.” She pleads that she will “never do such a thing” again, but he tells her there’s nothing like “a good hidin’” to get a lesson across. She tries to evade him, he follows and so begins the comedic ho-down music. “There’s such a thing as justice, Claire,” he explains. “You’ve done wrong to all the men and you must suffer for it. I’m your husband, it’s my duty to attend to it.” She begins hurling various items at him — and cut to the scene in the dining hall downstairs where the aforementioned affronted men jokingly speculate about who is punishing whom upstairs.

Indeed, Jamie manages only to yank up her dress and deliver a few blows with the belt before she hits him, kicks him in the face and eventually digs her nails into his cheek. Still, he’s much stronger and overpowers her. She calls him a “sadist” and he replies, “I said I was gonna punish you” — and then, raising his eyebrows — “I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna enjoy it.” The scene ends with the implication that the spanking will continue and, when we see her next, her bum is so sore she refuses to sit down.

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