Spank Before The Crime: A Poor Plan

With the addition of a followup punishment scene to help our little fairy lady reestablish discipline after her error, this could serve as the script for a Dreams Of Spanking shoot:


A Poor Plan
By Arnold Foster

A little Fairy Lady, in ungovernable rage,
Showered blows innumerable on her little, luckless page.
The little, luckless page inquired whatever had he done,
Of all his misdemeanors he could not remember one.

The little Fairy Lady said, “It isn’t that, my dear,
But I ‘m going on a journey, and I have to leave you here.
And so I’m going to whip you now for all the tricks you play
And all the naughty capers you cut up while I’m away.”

The Fairy Lady whipped him, and then away she went.
The page at once to tricks and pranks his whole attention bent.
“For,” he said, “I ought to be as bad as I can be,
Since I’ve had all the punishment allotted unto me.”
He teased the dog, he chased the cat, he scared the sitting hen,
And when he’d cut up all his tricks, he just began again.

When the little Fairy Lady returned at set of sun,
And gazed upon the mischief her luckless page had done;
(The cat and dog had run away, and oh! that sitting hen !),
the Fairy Lady said, “I’ll never try that plan again!”

Artwork and poem are from St. Nicholas: An Illustrated Magazine For Young Folks (1873).

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  1. Pandora commented on April 2nd, 2015:

    Hahaha, I love it! This would be so much fun to shoot :)

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