Rain DeGrey On Being A Bottom

In a great short essay about bottoming, Rain DeGrey writes:

Bottoming is empowering as fuck. As a woman, I have been told from birth to be careful, don’t go outside at night, things are not safe, people can HURT you. The constant relentless message is that you are weak and fragile wears you down like you wouldn’t believe. There is nothing more empowering than getting the stuffing knocked out of you and realizing that you are so much tougher than you thought. I feel like Wonder Woman when I bottom. It makes me feel incredibly strong.

Bottoms do not get the credit for what they bring to the table. Subs are not “less than” Doms. They are both sides of the same coin, and one doesn’t work without the other. And most Doms would crumble under what they can easily dish out. Bottoms, you are tough cookies. Don’t you ever forget that.

  1. kambriel2 commented on March 2nd, 2015:

    I have always insisted that there is something powerfully brave about being a submissive. It takes courage to know and accept what you want, what you desire, seek that and trust someone to give it to you. Most people will bury themselves in a sea of denial rather than face themselves, which is living part of your life half asleep. Which is a more honest way to live?

  2. bodack commented on March 3rd, 2015:

    Too many women are bubble wrapped as girls. This one wasn’t

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