My Favorite Riding Crop

I was bored so I stopped by The Stockroom to look for spanking-toy bargains. I found three! The first is that perennial Spanking Blog favorite, the Stockroom’s wide-end black riding crop:

wide end leather riding crop

This riding crop is a long-time Spanking Blog favorite, so much so that I have bought more than one of them over the years (after a funny thing happened to the first one). A long time ago I wrote this:

I was delighted to see the Stockroom’s wide-ended basic black riding crop on sale — it’s the best crop I’ve ever had in my hands, because it goes from gentle tapping to serious thwacking based on a minor and easily controlled variations in how much swing I put into it. Plus, it lands right where I want it to go.

(This is the crop we had to get another one of, after this.)

I get even more use out of the short version, because it fits in a travel bag and is controllable enough to use on Bethie’s breasts and nipples when we’re gettin’ busy and she needs a quick reminder about who’s in charge. But the long version is essential if you want a crop that can give punishment or pleasure, variably, at your whim.

Another excellent implement is the 36″ bamboo cane, which I have previously blogged about here:


Last but not least is the Kinklab Leather Heart Paddle. I don’t have personal experience of this one, but the Kinklab products I’ve seen have been well-made and comfortable, so I would expect no different here:

heart shaped leather paddle from Kink lab

Other old-favorite items browsed today include the Lolly Crop (see here for our experience with it) and the suede-handled straight rattan canes (previously blogged here and here).

Christmas is coming; it’s not too soon to be ordering painful fun things for the stockings of naughty persons in your life!

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  1. sixofthebest commented on November 24th, 2014:

    Yes, that 36 inch bamboo cane, is a beautiful spanking implement, for any naughty ladies bare bottom. When I have used one it fits in my hand perfectly. Yes, I have found giving six or more strokes with this pliable stinging corporal punishment implement onto a females naked rear end most delightful, plus sexually and erotic. Yes, by all means purchase such a product.

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