Paddled With A Butt Plug In

A butt plug makes a spanking extra special, as ancilla_ksst relates on her blog A Slave To Master:

The butt plug? It’s new.

I was all excited to try it, but when he dabbed on a little lube and tried to shove it straight in, holy heck I let out a shriek! That hurt! Really bad too. I was crying and laughing at myself at the same time, thinking “What the…? I wanted this? Why?”

It is not even a big one, as butt plugs go. It is certainly no two pound monster, or cell phone.

I must have a really tight ass.

Master kindly loosened my ass some more, but at that point even his finger was making me whimper and moan. He enjoyed my sound effects. I just worried about waking the kids with my shrieks and tried to imagine what I’d tell them if I did (spider in the bed? nightmare?).

He used the beads, which are awesome the way they go in slowly. Then back to the plug. This time he had me push it in myself, and it wasn’t so bad. (See how nice he is?)

After it was all in, the feeling was really hot. He paddled me then began fucking me. He could feel the plug as well on his cock and it was extremely pleasurable for both of us. Fill all the holes! :)

After much fucking, he told me to get on my stomach and raise my ass. He took me again, each thrust shoving the plug in deeper. I moaned, and squirmed, was on the edge of coming but waiting for him to come and give me the command. Finally he orgasmed and ordered “CUM” and I spasmed around him and around the plug.

She also posted a pretty picture, in which it’s clear that the plug is one of those sparkly butt plugs with the gemstone. (My favorite picture of it is this one that’s all over Tumblr.)

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  1. willjohn commented on May 25th, 2014:

    Having a ruby sticking out of her ass probably makes her a lot more valuable.

  2. SpankBoss commented on May 25th, 2014:

    I am contemplating this notion but I find myself unconvinced. A ruby, after all, is easily removed. A slave is worth what a slave is worth. Accessories are usually a separate transaction. ;-)

  3. ancilla ksst/slave commented on May 27th, 2014:

    It’s not a real ruby anyway :).

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