Nettles In Her Pants

From a Domestic Discipline forum:

As some of you may, or may not, know, Girl is punished for a behaviour we call ‘fuss & nonsense’. Fuss usually involves very silly, sulky & manipulative behaviour …. which I will not stand for. Last night there was a good deal of fuss … but I remained stoically silent and I think Girl thought she had got away with it.

I have been eye-ing up the nettle growth in the local area for some time now .. and today whilst on a long walk I told Girl that she would indeed be punished for the fuss and that it would involve nettles being placed in her pants.

This was all subject to some trial and error. I had tested some nettles and knew that they were ready … I knew I was looking for ones with a good ‘budding’ set of leaves and thick stalk. What I did not know was if the sting I was hoping for would survive the last 10 minutes of the walk.

Girl was made to carry the nettles in a bag and I refused to tell her what I had planned.

When we got home a chair was placed in the middle of the room; she was instructed to bend over it and take her pants down …. I very gently brushed some nettles against her bare bottom cheeks and asked her if she could feel it … she could. Several of the collected nettle heads were placed in each side of Girl’s pants which were then pulled up. She was told to sit properly on the chair and write on her slate ‘I must not make a fuss’ .. she did this for 5 minutes. There were cries and whimpers and I was told that her bottom was on fire … but the nettles were not coming out any earlier … in fact I thought 5 minutes very generous. When the time was up she stood and I pulled her pants down to release the nettles; we both examined their effect.

British nettles are definitely ready.

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