He Wants Welts. Halp?

I got an email from a reader, which I have lightly edited for privacy purposes and brevity. I’m posting it here with my response in case readers may have additional suggestions. The reader asks:

My girl and I were spanko in spirit for a very long time before we met each other. She is dark skinned and neither bruises easily or raises welts. I have hand spanked her with enough force both of those should of happened. Is there a way too prep her skin so that the welts would raise easier? I am intrigued by the idea of leaving welts on her so she can feel them and be reminded of our activities. I have tried an 18-inch flogger with one-eighth-inch suede straps, but that left no marks either.

I hear you! Bethie, too, has darker skin that does not mark easily.

I have seen welts (red marks) from hand spankings in photographs, but never in person. I suspect they are more common on pale skin and bottoms that haven’t been spanked very much. And puffy raised welts from a hand spanking would strike me as a rarity. Is there a way to prep her skin so that these are more likely? I should imagine so, but I haven’t heard of this. Any readers have input?

Your suede flogger also seems to me likely to be too gentle to leave serious welts, although I would expect some reddening. No, your true friend for welt creation is a riding crop or a cane. Of the two, the riding crop is friendlier; it concentrates the striking force in usually-rectangular area of a few square inches or centimeters, making it easy to leave a prominent red mark and (with a little more striking force) a puffy raised area.

The cane, wielded with vigor, is even more likely to leave a memorable welt. These will be longer, narrower, and more likely to be puffy, raised, and painful enough to feel with fingers for a few days afterwards.

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  1. Jayda commented on April 30th, 2014:

    Have her sit in a hot bath (epsom salts helps) for 15 minutes before spanking. Then lotion her while wet with baby oil. This might help bring welts. It definitely hurts more.

    If you want to get even more ‘evil’, make the lotion either muscle rub (milder) or capsacin cream (be very careful – do test patch first). These will increase surface circulation and may increase welts/marks as well.

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