Her Pants Full Of Nettles

In 2008 Tina inflicted a nettles punishment upon herself for the enjoyment of her blog readers:

stinging nettles in her pants

It went down like this:

I was out this morning picking fresh stinging nettles and I decided to go for it after breakfast.

I used a pair of old shorts (actually a pair of old jeans with the legs cut off) which are very tight and filled them with nettles so that all of my buttocks would be covered, according to the orders I had been given. I fastened the nettles by adhesive tape so they would stay in place. All these preparations for what was to come surely made me very excited and I was watching the dark green nettles in awe and with anticipation.

I started by standing on the floor, totally naked, with my hands behind my head, visualizing what was going to happen. Finally I put the shorts on. I actually succeeded drawing them up my legs without the nettles burning them.

As I had buttoned up the shorts, I could feel the stinging nettles burning into my buttocks in every spot at once. Still, the pain was not so intense as I had expected. But it would become worse. With the tight, nettle-filled shorts on, I sat down on a wooden chair, pressing my buttocks against the hard surface.

Awww, what a pain shock! It felt like thousands of needles were pressed into my poor bottom simultaneously. I gasped from the pain and it took all the self-control I could muster to remain seated. At the same time, I felt the all too well-known tingling in my pussy and I started rubbing my buttocks against the chair to increase the burning sensation. I also pressed my hands hard against my bottom higher up on my buttocks so the nettles would burn into my flesh more effectively.

I sat for more than five minutes, enjoying the fiery pain, the very erotic fire that was biting into my flesh like napalm and it kept on increasing in strength all the time. This is what was so wonderful about the sensation: instead of me becoming numb from pain after a while, the burning pain kept on alternating and increasing all the time. Yes, I was surely high on pain and becoming very aroused.

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