The Dance Of The Stinging Nettles

This BDSM stinging nettle sex play sounds amazingly painful for her and quite fun for him, especially if he enjoys helpless squirming:

When the time comes for him to punish me with the nettles I have to strip completely naked. He then ties the string of nettles just above my waist so that they hang down like a skirt over my stomach and bottom and down the front of my thighs. He hangs the other two bunches around my neck, one hanging down my back and the other at the front brushing across and between my breasts.

The burning sting of the nettles as they brush against my skin already makes me twitch but then to increase the torment he will put some music on and have me dance for him so that the nettles sway back and forth, stinging me more, or sometimes he makes me perform exercises while wearing the nettles. Running or jumping on the spot make the nettles jerk about and bounce against my skin, pushing stings in deeply. If I don’t perform well enough he uses the other bunch of long stemmed nettles like a goad, to sting me in places the other nettles don’t reach. He brushes them lightly up and down the backs of my legs to sting the backs of my thighs and my calves if my dancing is not sexy enough or thrusts the nettles in between my legs if I’m not jumping up high enough in exercises. If I don’t use my arms enough when dancing, or lift them right up when doing exercises he will use the bunch to sting me in the armpits and on the soft flesh under my arms.

When he eventually he has amused himself enough and I am stung and burning all over, I have to put on my ‘nettle dress’, a simple shift-style dress made of thick vinyl, which is proof against nettle stings. Once I’m in that I can be made to wear the nettles for as long as he wants without interfering with normal activities. It is quite painful when I sit down and the nettles are crushed against my skin but I’m careful not to lean back in the seat so as to stop the same thing happening to my back.

Eventually, though, he will decide he wants to make love, which is the most painful part of all. I can lift my plastic skirts enough to cut away the few nettles hanging down directly over my vagina and then I lie back and open my legs. The dress has a small ready-made cut out so that I can remain fully dressed in my plastic and nettles. It is painful enough when I lie back, but when his weight comes on top of me as he penetrates me all the nettles are crushed into my skin front and back and it is really agonising. He likes the feeling of the warm plastic against his skin and presses hard against me. It really turns him on, knowing that he’s feeling the smooth slipperiness of the vinyl against his skin while on the other side of it I am suffering a thousand burning agonies of the stinging nettles being crushed against my skin. He tells me how funny he finds our contrasting sensations, as he thrusts into me taking his pleasure and sees me wincing and my eyes watering from the pain.

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  1. K.. commented on February 6th, 2014:

    God…! What a sadist. :) I find it quite impressive that some woman can actually bear all that. Wouldn’t be so sure about myself. But I admit that the idea makes me horny.

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