Lea Gets A Good Caning

A good caning can be hard to find, but this one Lea got sounds pretty satisfactory:

There are times when I crave a good caning. And recently I got one. A is very skilled at caning, amongst other things, and this was the first time I’d been caned by him. He has about a million and a half canes I think. Rattan, delrin, it was all there. I was a bit wide-eyed surveying the collection. I expressed that I like sting over thud and about half of them were put away, still leaving many options. Once those were all picked out, I got undressed and lay on the bed. (Is it “lay” or “laid”? Fuck, I can never remember that.) I was a bit nervous but it faded as we talked about what my experiences with caning have been like.

He was a pro at giving a good warm-up. I don’t think I would’ve been able to take nearly as much without that. It started slower as I got a feel for a few of the canes and the different sensations of each one. You can see from the picture that I received full coverage and it was kept pretty even. For much of it he was using more than one cane at a time and would get the same spot several times before switching to the other side. It was a steady pace that allowed me to handle the harder strokes when it worked up to that. He swapped to different canes a few times and I tried to give feedback on how they felt compared to the others, but I’m not always good at verbalizing that. After a few “I don’t know’s” he said he’d run through them again so I could compare. He struck me with 5 or 6 different canes in quick succession and asked again which one I liked best. When I had stopped squirming I looked back at him with a glare and he continued with an evil smile on his face. I vetoed the last one as too stingy even for me and tried to give clearer answers.

The intensity increased as he continued and there was much more squirming and moaning on my part. Probably an “oh fuck” or two in there as well. We were still talking throughout and he seemed to be judging my reactions well. At one point he paused and asked, “How did you say you feel about blood?”

There are pictures, too.

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