A Spanking During Sex

They were having a good time at the Place Of Fancies, when he remembered she’d eating chocolate in front of him when he could not have any:

“Why are you so wet?” He brushes his hand between my legs. “Um,” tiny voice. “You were fucking me hard.”

Such a little comment. He registers it quickly. Perhaps I spoke too soon. He takes my pussy juice and wipes it on his hardness.

My legs are flipped over and he inserts himself like a coin in a slot machine, I’m that slippery. Hands grip my shoulders, grasps my hair, pulling, pressing, pinning.

Oh. I’m sticky, oozy, messy chocolate now. There is no decorum, no loveliness about it. If I was melting before, I’m liquid under him now. It feels perfect….. until….

He rises up and two large hands descend on the tops of my buttocks with an almighty smack.

“You ate chocolate in front of me.”

Shit. I did. I thought he was too busy doing a task for him to notice. He doesn’t like doing this task. He makes a point of telling me eating chocolate while sorting this stuff out, is not good. I’m bad.

Smack, smack. It fucking hurts. Like tears spring sharply in my eyes. I howl. He grows inside me.

He registers that quickly too.

He repeats the smacks and I’m crying out, writhing… He bulges and fills me more.

This is fucking fantastic…but it hurts.

Another round of spanks and I’m trying to buck him off my legs. Pointless, the man is way too heavy for me. Crushing me, he goes deeper, harder. My arse is stinging in tandem. My pussy is drenching everything.

I don’t want him to stop, but I know he will. I’m fighting him with my body, but my mind has vaporised, turned to steam. Can’t describe the sensation of being gone and yet still there very much with him.

I clean him with my mouth. We both catch our breaths.

“I’m going to flog you now.”

I was expecting this. I kneel on the bed, bottom raised and head buried down…

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