Sentenced To A Spanking From Her Husband

There are a couple of gems in this wife-spanking article from the American Weekly of December 11, 1949:

I do not believe it is against the code of a gentleman to punish his wife if she provokes him sufficiently. The 
occasional use of a hairbush on her anatomy would do little harm and yet serve to curb an obstreperous disposition -- Master Of Chancery N. Demarest Campbell of Hackensack, New Jersey

My favorite is perhaps the Vancouver magistrate who attracted the ire of “feminine leaders” with his “take her home and spank her” sentence for a pretty wife’s drunken misdeeds:

Pretty Mrs. Patricia Cederberg was in court on charges of imbibing more cocktails than she was prepared to handle in public. When she pleaded guilty, the magistrate turned to her husband, Gus.

“Did you ever try spanking your wife?” he asked?

“No,” said the surprised Mr. Cederberg.

“I’ll let her go if you take her home and spank her,” Magistrate Matheson ruled.

Gus agreed with alacrity, but whether the prescribed paddling ever took place is the Cederbergs’ secret.

I think we all know that it did indeed happen. “But dear, I’m under the strictest order of the court! I wouldn’t dare not spank you!”

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