Focus On The Cane Strokes

Abel has an interesting idea here about combining a good caning with sensory deprivation (visual and sonic). Anybody tried anything like it?

A girl being caned must surely, after a few strokes, recognise a pattern in the disciplinarian’s approach to beating her. The subtle shift in his position, as he steadies himself to apply the next stroke; the sense that he’s lifting his arm high. The measuring of the cane across its intended target; a gentle tap, tap, tap marking the spot. It’s as if we tops wish to remove any element of surprise, to forewarn the girl and allow her to prepare mentally and brace herself for the impact.

On the one hand, that – from a top’s perspective – is a good thing, anticipation being part of the punishment. But what if the caning was administered more out of the blue – the bound girl blindfolded so she couldn’t see, deprived of her hearing?

  1. web-ed commented on May 24th, 2013:

    Blindfolds have been used with spanking for a long time, most typically in the context of a more sensual session, with leather or even fur-covered leather implements such as the paddle. I haven’t used them myself, however. I don’t think I’d want my spankee (or canee) to be deprived of her senses of hearing or touch, however – the preliminary “touch” of the paddle or cane before the real stroke is given can make the session more exciting for her. Generally, the more intense the stroke is to be (wood paddles and canes should be considered fairly intense), the more I want my spankee to anticipate that stroke. Not only is this exciting, it also allows me to go somewhat lighter as anticipation focuses her mind and makes the stroke seem a little harder than it really is.

  2. Noman commented on May 29th, 2013:

    I love blindfolding Tanya before her canings. Then the tap tap tap becomes misdirection and her dance becomes much prettier (I don’t believe in “hold your position.” It hurts and I want to see that.)

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