A Spanking Party Newbie Report

Although Bethie and I have never been into attending spanking parties (public play not being a thing for us) I know they’re a vital part of the scene for many people. I’ve not heard much about Boardwalk Badness, but here’s a fun report from first-time attendee Jade. Her clever strategy for meeting people (room with Pandora Blake) paid off, but she also made new friends on her own, including one gentleman she calls Buzz:

Eventually Buzz took me by the hand and led me to a table of implements set out for people to try. He encouraged me to pick one out. In a little bit of a test, I chose a beautiful, dense wooden paddle with holes in it. Why was it a test? Because we had talked earlier about implements, and he has talked every intelligently about the care one must take when using a wooden paddle on someone of my size and frame – being thin, a paddle can hurt quite a bit, and even be dangerous. So I wanted to see how he would use it.

He “passed” the test with flying colors, delivering a hand spanking that was absolutely perfect, and even managed to make my rings jiggle and sway in just the right way (making me squirm and pant over his knee.) ;-) And then he used the paddle, giving me several – but not too many – swats with it, before running his hand gently over my bottom and turning me around to perch in his lap for a cuddle. “You’re delicious,” he said, and I had to admit that I was just a bit smitten!

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