Kneeling Corner Time

You could only call this spot beside the fancy fireplace a “corner” by courtesy, but the kneeling pose, hands behind her back, and unforgiving parquet flooring make this corner-time memorable nonetheless:

spanked girl kneels beside the fireplace

Hash tag? #AwwPoorBaby…

kneeling painfully after her spanking

Picture is from Russian Discipline.

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  1. Guest commented on April 26th, 2013:

    And she’s kneeling on salt!

  2. sixofthebest commented on April 28th, 2013:

    Corner Time, is a very important part of any corporal punishment given to a naughty woman. When she spends time there, be it before or after being spanked, It is made for her to contemplate her naughtiness, plus the humiliation.

  3. W commented on May 1st, 2013:

    She looks like Jenna Fischer from The Office. Awesome. :)

  4. Klayton Frost commented on May 3rd, 2013:

    Absolutely love the expression on her face. There’s some real trepidation there…

    What’s the deal with kneeling on salt? I didn’t know that was a thing, but it sounds like fun. I might try it on my lovely partner… if I can find a suitable hardwood floor.

  5. PB commented on May 13th, 2013:

    She is very cute but the trepidation is because this is the beginning not the end of her ordeal. After this point in the film she is first suspended and whipped all over her body and then finally tied to a post and severely caned fifty times. She takes her punishment bravely but predictably it ends in tears…

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