At The Punishment Museum

I’m just going to link to this because I don’t think it was originally intended as porn, so I’d hate to further broadcast the smiling faces of these high-spirited young ladies on the internet in a place they presumably never intended. This looks to me like some college girls at a museum display in some dungeon or castle. One of them has gotten into the spirit of the thing and allowed herself to be strapped down to the birching bench, and another one has picked up the “for display only” birch bundle:

Birching Dungeon Field Trip

(A backup link is here.)

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  1. Lanark commented on March 16th, 2013:

    I recognise this! It’s in the West Highland Museum in Fort William.

    I saw it many years ago, when I was but a teenage lad, full of hormones and excited and disturbed, in equal measure, by my fantasies of bondage and punishment. It was a school trip, and on seeing the bench & birch, my imagination ran riot, considering a couple of my female classmates I’d love to see strapped down there! (Shame none of them wanted to try it at the time, too busy taking about Duran Duran I think.)

    It was an intense memory of my early sexuality, and quite a rush seeing it again, 30-odd years later. Thanks!

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