Spanked At The Scene Of A Crime

This little spanking fic from Spanking Resource has a nifty conceit. The whole “I’m friends with this young lady and so sometimes I help her stay in line by spanking her” conceit has never worked for me on plausibility grounds, but the “Hey, I know a manager at that store where you blew out your credit card, I’ll take you right there and spank you at the scene of the crime!” idea is really pretty entertaining. Yah, I know, plausibility again. But fun!

As my lecture began to sink in, Chelsea began to look more ashamed of herself. I asked her what store she did the bulk of her shopping in. She gave me the name. It happened to be a store located in this very mall.

I happen to know a floor manager in this location. I called the store to see if she was working. Chelsea began to look very nervous. She was looking down at her napkin from the pretzel shop and fidgeting with her hands. I find out that Bridget is in fact working. I get her on the phone and ask if her I can bring Chelsea in for a talk. Bridget informed me that she had a private area which would be ideal because part of the store’s women’s department is being remodeled and the workers are only in at night. They have not started to work on the dressing rooms so that portion was still fully intact.

After ending my call, Chelsea and I took a walk to the department store. We were greeted by Bridget who had a very knowing look in her eye. She escorted Chelsea and I to the dressing rooms slightly away from the hustle and bustle of her customers. Once inside of a dressing room, I seated myself on the bench across from the mirror. I looked up at Chelsea.

“Do you know what I am about to do to you young lady?”

She nodded in response, her averting her eyes towards the floor.

“Well then, we had better get this taken care of right now. Unzip your jeans and take them down.”

She froze for a moment before her hands found their way to the buttons of her jeans. It would be a lie to say that I did not enjoy the show of her jeans making their way down her slender legs. Looking up, I could see her deliciously round bottom. Chelsea really has one of those asses that you are not sure if you want to spank it or just take a bite out of it. She stood frozen in front of me now with her jeans in a pile on the floor. Her white cotton boy shorts gave me a teasing glance of her peach colored cheeks. I undo my right cufflink and roll up my sleeve…

The cuff link is a nice touch. It’s not just any schmoe who wears cufflinks these days!

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