A Precisely-Measured Lot of Spanking

A lot of folks have fun with numerically-calibrated spankings; “six of the best” is perhaps the most famous version of this. But this is taking it to a whole new level:

Right before Midnight, Malignus announced that he was going to hit me 67 times. I found this confusing, considering the fact that Malignus is mildly OCD and really hates prime and odd numbers and that it seemed like an entirely arbitrary number. Soon, though, our alarms beeped for midnight and Malignus began my spanking. It was fairly hard, and I had selected a pretty serious implement, so I squirmed and wailed. He spanked me at an even tempo, but building in intensity. Still, 67 swats isn’t all that many for an OTK style spanking, so it ended at a point where I was gasping for breath and felt very much like I had been soundly spanked but before it reached a point where things had become truly overwhelming. Afterwards, we hugged and exchanged “Happy New Years!” and then went back to the episode.

After a little bit, I asked him why he had selected that number. He told me to figure it out on my own. This lead to me doing a lot of math on the calculator on my phone. The closest thing that I came up with was the fact that 2013 divided by 30 was ~67. I guessed that this was because 30 is the age that Malignus recently turned. He informed me that while my math was correct, the reason behind it was not. He then told me that it was his intention to spank me in this manner every day for the next thirty days, so that by the end of the month (with a little wiggle room) I’d receive 2013 spanks. This idea made me seriously grin, as does any plan that involves me getting lots and lots of spanking.

From Alex In Spankingland.

  1. margy669 commented on February 2nd, 2013:

    Huhh, so precise … I don’t like this kind of …
    My friend is also tend to be so … he said, I will get today 200 hits on my ass (it was a long week .. ;) ). It’s early, and I got already 70, with the two-side leather paddle. Now my ass is bloody and burning, because, he figged me also. But with a little bit lube, because I am not very familiar with anal playings, and I don’t like them very much. I read, that figging with lube is not so intense … hm, I got with lube, and have to say, that with lube one can have the burning sensation. I had the ginger inserted in my ass for about 40-45 minutes. And now my ass inside and outside is burning…. So, my pussy and clit too … I got a ginger finger in my pussy also, and some mint oil on my clit. Huhh!
    In the afternoon I have to face an other 80 .. and than in the evening the rest … huhh!, my ass is really hurting.

  2. margy669 commented on February 4th, 2013:

    Hm, I think, I shouldn’t wrote about not liking the anal playings. In the late afternoon I met the butt plug. I was in the kitchen, preparing the dinner, when my friend came in. He had a small bag in his hand. He took two butt plugs from it, one of iron and the other of glass. I was shocked for a few seconds, found no words. I knew what he wants with them, and he knew I was a virgin with anal things. He said, they are small, but I don’t believed him (later I searched on the website, he ordered, hmmm .. they were small). The iron one had a shape of a dildo, the glass one was round. He put me over the table, I was facing the carrots and apples ;). He took down my trousers and panties, I got some “friendly” slaps on my ass, while he started to massage my asshole. He kept it for a few minutes with some lube, inserting first one, than two and three fingers in my ass. I didn’t like very much the feeling. After the finger play, he took the iron dildo, and started to insert it in my ass. I think, I was a little bit loud, because suddenly I felt something very unpleasent. It wasn’t really pain, just something … hm, the best word is unpleasent. He was carefull, inserting in me the plug slowly, but it was a very strange feeling for me. When it was in, he started to move it carefully. Hmmm… wasn’t the very best experience in my life. After a few minutes, he took out the plug, but just for a few seconds, because he took the round, glass one. Huhh, that was really painfull! It’s diameter was bigger, and my ass wasn’t really prepared for it … He let me resting for a few minutes and to get familiar with the feeling of having a butt plug in my ass. But I had till to face the punishment, 80 hits. With the butt plug in my ass .. oh,my! Hm, okay, I got it, with the carpet beater. The really hard part of my punishment was when he hit the edge of the plug inserted in my ass…. it was really ouch!

    After the whole day punishment, and my first experience with the butt plug, I was expected to have a really hard punishment in the evening. But it wasn’t to be so …. In the evening, after taking a long shower, in bedroom … I was prepared to get an even harder punishment. But contarray … The rest 50 hits what he gave me with hand were gentle, and touched me up. The rest of the night was really, really .. huhh! I know why I’m loving him :).

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