Her Bottom, After Her First Caning

So, this woman on Tumblr posted a picture of her bottom after her first caning, along with this description of what it was like:

Tumblr, meet my ass.

Not going into detail of how this came about but I can now say I’ve been caned.

It wasn’t as bad as expected as it wasn’t a sudden massive whack to start, it was slow and gentle because the caner knew how much it scared me. Developed a pain scale from one to ten and I got to choose the intensity, I think I got to what I would class as a 7. So I was actually kinda impressed with myself.

I would definitely say I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I could but for some reason (probably years of creating horror stories in my head) I am still really scared of the prospect of being caned.
This photo was from a more-punishment-than-pleasure encounter. As I am a sub when it comes to sex, the idea of punishment turns me on so much. For example, I find it difficult to see a spanking as a punishment because I enjoy it so much, but the cane makes me so scared and nervous in my head I know it is an actual punishment so the pleasure doesn’t stay for long.

I don’t know if the fear will ever fade but I’m kinda enjoying the adrenalin I feel as soon as I see the cane.

But yeah, that’s my first caning encounter. It scared the hell outta me but it turned me on in a very new way.

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