Mechanized Whippings In Punishment Room 3

In order to put together the “see also” links on that motorized cane post from earlier this morning, I had to look through all the spanking machine posts that have ever appeared on Spanking Blog. (Ah, the rough working life of the dedicated spanking blogger!) And when I saw the picture in the Industrial Spanking Machine post of the old-school belt-driven whipping machine punishing at least half a dozen women who are shackled in punishment position under the watchful eye of a severe-looking headmaster type, it triggered my memory of having fruitlessly searched high and low for a better quality image when I first posted that one.

Well, that was 2007 and the state of the art in image searching has advanced considerably since then. Also, they will keep putting stuff on the internet. So, I went and looked again. And here it is (don’t forget to click for the biggest version):

a belt-driven whipping machine for whipping six or seven women at a time

The title or caption in German is given as “Meine Erfindung – Phantasiezeichnung eines sadistischen Intelektuellen” — which me and Google working together translate as “My invention – An Intellectual’s Sadistic Fantasy Drawing”. As always, cunning linguists and native speakers are welcome to chime in with better translation efforts in the comments! Within the artwork itself, you can see the caption “Strafraum III” from which I get the “Punishment Room 3” title for this post.

I found the new big version of the art here along with an article in German that suggests it comes from a German-language coffee table book called S√ľndiges Berlin: Die Zwanziger Jahre; Sex, Rausch, Untergang. (That would be something like Sinful Berlin: The Twenties; Sex, Drugs, Destruction). That book in turn may (or may not, though I suspect it is) be a German-published version of Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin.

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  2. fB commented on January 6th, 2013:

    I always get a kick out of the idea of machine punishments. The idea of helplessness is at it’s most. On the other hand the expression that comes with human contact is lost. What fun is that?

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