2012 Spanking Blog Of The Year?

I usually ignore “blog of the year” contests, votes, and awards, because too many of them have a funky and bizarre nomination pool or are some lamely transparent attempt for the host/promoter to get backlinks and traffic and attention. But I’m going to make an exception for BrushStrokes at The Spanking Spot this year, and for the vote there to determine the 2012 Spanking Award for Spanking Blog of the year, because:

  1. Spanking Blog is on the list of nomineees (yay! and thanks!);
  2. Brush Strokes is one of the hardest working spanking bloggers out there, bringing together lots of recent spanking picture galleries one can’t easily find elsewhere since the demise of most of the TGP sites a few years back;
  3. All of the other nominees (excepting, maybe, one, and I’m not saying which) are blogs that wouldn’t make you go “WTF?” if you heard they had won; and
  4. At least two of the other nominees (again, not saying which) wouldn’t even make me go “WTF?” if I heard they had won, despite my own high opinion of Spanking Blog. Seriously, most of the nominees are very good and a couple of them are solidly just excellent.
  5. So, go and vote. You’ve got some good options. Voting ends December 19.

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