Competitive Flogging

This went by on ErosBlog a while back. Inspired by witnessing a buff fellow take a puny-looking flogging, Tynan volunteered for a bit more:

I asked her, “Can you flog a gay-boy, Mistress?”

“Hell yes! How hard can you take it?”

I gritted my teeth, half expecting to regret saying it but also determined to show Fabio what a gay boy can take. “I’ve been flogged until I’ve bled before.”

Mistress Mara just SMILED and secured my wrists to the shackles in the ceiling.

Being that it was the end of the night, it was a pretty fast flogging. But that doesn’t mean she went light on me. It was tough to remember to yell “Thank you MISTRESS” as opposed to my usual “Thank you SIR” or “Thank you MASTER”. It hurt, but like I said, I was determined to demonstrate what this gay boy is made of.

Competitive spanking (and whipping) scenarios have always amused me in fantasy, but you don’t encounter them too often in real life. I’m suddenly having thoughts of a spanko speed dating scenario that would allow competitive types to strut their stuff. A bunch of single spankees on spanking benches, single spankos moving down the line, three swats (or cane strokes) per visit, keep up the round-robin until all the spankees have abandoned the position. Now that we’ve broken the ice, we can have cocktails and a social mixer and a mass bottom-lotioning…

  1. fB commented on December 4th, 2012:

    I like the speed dating idea.

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