Nyssa Spanks Herself

At Real Time Bondage, the girls are on camera live and the members decide what happens to them. Or, sometimes, make them do stuff. Which is how Nyssa found herself shackled to the floor with an array of painful spanking toys, being made to whip and paddle herself harder than she might have preferred:

Nyssa shackled down and forced to contemplate an array of painful whips and paddles with which she\'s going to have to spank herself

Nyssa looking shocked and about to cry after she whipped herself with a single-tail whip

Nyssa spanking herself hard with a black wooden paddle

nyssa in tears after a hard self-spanking

What’s arresting about these Real Time Bondage pics is that she seems to have spanked herself hard enough to make herself cry. I would have thought that was — like tickling yourself — impossible, or at least very rare and difficult.

I’ve seen lots of spanko accounts of folks spanking themselves for experimentation, or out of complete kinky desperation when they didn’t have access to kinky partners. And sometimes a long distance spanking relationship gets “enhanced” by a little private webcam time where this sort of play can happen. So, how about it, self-spankers? Can you do it hard enough to make yourself cry?

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  1. Eric Carwardine commented on December 2nd, 2012:

    I think this could be a case of the ‘obvious conclusion’ being the wrong inference. The enticing assumption is that she is tearful because of the spanking. But could it be that the order to spank came after it was observed that she was in a state-of-mind very close to tears?

    Imagine this (and it’s closer to real life than I’ll admit): It’s late in the day (after 6 PM). Things have gone badly, very badly, at work that day. That’s why she’s home late, having completely forgotten to shop for the evening meal. There is silent condemnation from the family, including the cat. The dog is more forgiving. She is at a critical stage of her bio-rhythm cycle, and there’s a niggling but ominous health problem in the background.

    The momentum toward total surrender is overwhelming. Her tears are the frantic spray ahead of the imminent tsunami, the fleeing flying fish. The crashing wave arriving as the first spank.

    It’s open to conjecture whether or not self-flagellation suits the scenario I’ve outlined. My point is that it often pays to probe deeper into the obvious. We can sometimes discover surprising cause-and-effect relationships.

  2. K.. commented on December 3rd, 2012:

    Or it might be the humiliation / being tired for the whole show / sort of frustration when they’re asking too much of her. I found myself crying once when the pain was not much but many nasty little irritating things were done to me and I was sick and tired of the whole thing but still somehow didn’t want to stop. Didn’t want to disappoint the master and also it was a matter of money. (I’ve done things for money too, even though I mostly do them for pleasure.) And let’s face it: the girl in the picture is also getting paid for this, otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing it. So… We all have bad days at work. Maybe what she’s thinking is “Geez, this thing sucks. Why am I doing this? And it even hurts! Leave me in peace, I want to go home and watch tv.” :)

  3. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #75 – Bondage Blog commented on January 5th, 2013:

    […] shackled to the floor of the dungeon and forced to spank herself (hard!) with a black wooden paddle until she’s crying […]

  4. anna_d commented on August 20th, 2014:

    It takes a very special combination of humility and courage to let one’s face show during a self-administered spanking, but Nyssa takes it to a whole new level with her genine tears of pain and shame. God bless her. She’s a wonderful role model for girls who know they need punishment.

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