Spanking Robyn Truelove

I found this picture all over Tumblr, but it turned out, as it often does, to be our stalwart friends at Spank Statement who had the provenance:

Robyn Truelove bare-bottomed spanking

That’s Robyn Truelove getting spanked in a bonus feature on a DVD called Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets. I must say that the young harlots one sometimes sees in my country are rarely so toothsome.

  1. Dan Duffy commented on November 7th, 2012:

    That is one very sexy, romantic, provocative photo. The psychedelic owl has a lovely view of the action…

  2. Valdor commented on November 9th, 2012:

    “psychedleic owl” :-)

    I’ve been too busy to blog for a week or two, so many thanks for the timely boost to my site stats.

    And your post reminds me: I really must track down this DVD.

    best wishes to you and your readers,


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