Spanked In Her Own Bedroom

An intruder captures Sarah in her own house and spanks her soundly:

Lovely Sarah was helpless and completely at my mercy. I bound her elbows so tightly that they nearly touched behind her back, and then wound the rest of the rope around her chest, both above and below
those lovely breasts. The effect was astonishing. I wished poor Sarah were in a position to appreciate her charms from my perspective.

Speaking of Sarah and positions, I decided it was time to change hers. I made some excuse as I dropped her unceremoniously to the bed on her stomach, something about punishing her for daring to resist me, for struggling and attempting to scream. “Even futile gestures must be punished when they don’t please your man,” I told her. She fought as best she was able as I first removed her socks (pausing only a moment to tickle her feet), then pulled off her jeans. I was astonished at how she struggled; truly, given how tightly she was bound. She tried to roll off the bed (what she hoped to accomplish with that I have no idea) and tried to kick me, but it was useless. I was desperate with desire, with passion; nothing was going to keep me from my prize.

Her lower body was now bare, the curves of her lovely bottom, so white and round, were mine to admire. I’d thought to start with the whip, but decided instead to spank her with my hand. I wanted to feel the contact of my skin upon hers, I wanted to know the heat as her bottom turned red. Making sure she saw me placing the whip and the paddle nearby (just in case) I sat down next to her. To my surprise, she didn’t resist as much as I was expecting as I pulled her bare bottom over my lap. Perhaps she was resigned to her fate. Perhaps she had surrendered to me already, her Master. Or perhaps — my fingers reached between her thighs, touch and exploring the warms secrets between her legs — yes! It was true. She was wet, aroused. I smiled.

She jumped at the first hard spank, she tried to roll away at the second. It did her no good. I held her tightly, helpless. I alternated between her ass checks, slapping first one, then the other, then the tops of her thighs. Her skin was so fair that it began to turn the loveliest shade of red almost at once. Her muffled screams and mews behind the cruel gag were music to me.

“Actually,” I confessed as I spanked her, “I’m not doing this because of your actions. No, pet. I expected you to scream, to struggle. It’s only natural when you’re taken. But you must realize –” I paused for an especially robust series of spanks — “that sometimes a man will punish you simply because it gives him pleasure. And more the more you struggle and resist, the more his pleasure increases, and the longer your ordeal becomes. Do you understand me, pet?” She didn’t answer.

My hand became tired, so I switched to the paddle. Ah, how she struggled and moaned as the smooth wood danced across her nether cheeks…

From Dancing With Sarah.

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