In Defense Of Bratting

The Redheaded Slut speaks up in favor of bratting:

As a top, I like hearing things like, “oh, were you trying to hurt me?” Yes, it’s bratty. But it lets me know I can push my bottom harder AND fires up my inner sadist. It’s a way for them to ask for more without disrupting the power dynamic that may have been set up or to ask for more without feeling as though they’re breaking the mood.

As a bottom, I enjoy bratting to “force” the other person to show that they want me. Part of it is pushing boundaries. Part of it is saying, “Do you want me even if I’m willful, stubborn, or opposing you?” It is very much a way of testing boundaries and getting the response that yes – they still want me. And I love bratting as a way to show that I am strong and feisty – even as I want to be dominated. That I am not some doormat ready to lay meekly at their feet. You want my obedience? You want my submission? You have to earn it – I won’t roll over for you.

I mostly agree with this, but I’d temper it with the perspective that it’s easy for bratting to become “too much”. When it crosses the line from occasional play into a constant demand for reassurance, it becomes no more attractive than any other excessively-needy behavior.

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  1. Kaelah commented on September 19th, 2012:

    I absolutely agree with you. A little bit of creative bratting and banter can definitely be fun. But if it becomes too much, I can find it annoying as well. I think it also depends on the current mood and the people involved.

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