The Complexity of Spanking Submission

This is complicated stuff, especially to find here at my paleolithic caveman “man spanks the woman, everything is very simple” spanking blog. But Pandora Blake always was a bit more sophisticated in her spanking tastes. Thus:

One of the stories I’ve been trying to tell in a lot of my recent films is that of active submission, self-determined submission, submission that’s sought out by an empowered, self-aware individual because it brings them happiness. Submission doesn’t have to be imposed from outside; consensual submission is the free choice of an independent agent, who benefits enough from it to continually re-make that choice.

Likewise, I’m passionate about re-modelling dominant and submissive as roles that are detached from physical sex and gender identity. Dominance can be feminine, and it doesn’t have to look like the latex-clad stereotype, either. Submission can be masculine, and honourable, and brave, whatever your gender. And both roles can be complex, layered, interleaved. The same person can be both, and do both at different times, or at the same time in different ways.


One of the frustrating things to me about spanking porn is that the memes (the stories, the hackneyed plots, the scenarios, call ’em whatever you want) mostly tend to be way more primitive than the scenarios we spankos play out in our actual lives. Schoolgirls and naughty wards and careless cat burglars and obnoxious fiancees are all good fun, but they don’t begin to mirror all the complexities of how grownups play in the twenty-first century. Although I haven’t yet had the chance to see any of the movies Pandora has been making (and selling at Dreams Of Spanking if I’m not mistaken) I gather she’s working to improve that.

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  1. W commented on September 16th, 2012:

    Interesting point. I’m having trouble imagining feminine dominance being other than matronly, which I’m sure Ms. Blake didn’t mean as she intends to upturn stereotypes. What did she mean?

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