No Mercy, No Anti-Itch Creme

Spanking Pixie has some summer spanking tips and they mostly seem good to me. But I take issue with this one:

For spankos there are greater opportunities for a few daring outdoor swats which can be both thrilling and mortifying. A plea for mercy to all of you tops out there – no bare bottom outdoor corner time, no matter how private the location. Those airplane sized mosquitos don’t care about privacy.

Mercy? Mua-ha-ha-ha-ah!

Allow me to explain.

Y’see, I’m just a little bit of a sadist. (I know, shock.) Spanking is fun, but it’s not my only kink. I’ve mixed it when chemical irritants before (ginger, nettles, Listerine Breath Strips, warming lotions…) and so there’s no inherent reason why I wouldn’t enjoy watching a spanked girl accumulate a few itchy mosquito bites (although the real fun would be watching her try to keep her hands on the top of her head where I told her to keep them).

Bottom line: pleas for mercy like Pixie’s are fun. But a lot of the fun is in denying them!

(Now, having said all that with the lightest of hearts, I’ve got to be serious for a moment. Mosquito play is blood play with — in some climates/locations anyway — a serious infectious disease risk attached to it. That gives additional weight to the usual cautions about negotiation, risk-awareness, and consent.)

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  1. Mystskitty commented on June 25th, 2012:

    heh, could always use bug repellent first. Have to avoid west nile virus…

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