Making A Spanking Scene For TV

Apologies for the recent history of neglect here at Spanking Blog; I don’t want to get into details, but the latter bit of March and the entire month of April was one of those ever-multiplying cascades of greater life hellishness. Don’t worry, I’ll be “right as rain” if I can get a week of undisturbed sleep while the levofloxacin finishes its rampage through the forest of microbeasties that tried to eat me while I was distracted by more visible challenges. But the way things have gone lately, I’ve got May scratched in on my calendar as the month for asteroid strikes. June is locusts. Pray ye all that I’m wrong…

So, somewhere a week or two ago in a stolen moment of semi-consciousness, Bethie and I got to see that episode of The Game of Thrones where there was a spanking scene. The context was creepy and quickly got disturbing, but it was a scene not without its charm at first. I made a mental note to blog about it when I got time, but of course that didn’t happen. And by now, the rest of the internet has chewed it all up very thoroughly for our pleasure and interest, so there’s not much point in me regurgitating some half-assed version of all that effort.

So instead I’ll commend you to Chross’s full writeup and clip. Of greatest interest to me was the included link to the blog post of the actress, Masie Dee, who got spanked:

Game of Thrones – the beating!

When I did my audtion I was very tierd and had been doing a fair amount of spanking work so it was actually very easy to do and went exactly how I felt it should.

I love spanking and it is something that does honestly turn me on. The trouble I have with spanking is that for it to work for me there needs to be an element of power games and if I’m honest it should be done by someone in authority who is usualy older. I’m vey much a lover of the school girl, headmaster/mistress or the brutal ‘guardian’ story roles. The scene I have done that turned me on the most in the past was where I was part of a religious fanatic cult group. My ‘father’ caught me masturbaiting and had to beat the devil from me. It was the way he quoted the bible while punishing me that turned me on. That and the threat to have me walk the house with no pants on for the week so he and my brothers could check I hadn’t lapsed – I have no brothers in real life so have always been happy exploring incest ideas based on them, sisters is a bit close to home.

In that example you can see it hits all the boxes. We have an older person who is miss-using there authority over me in a rather sick and twisted way. I am completely at their mercey and for added kicks there is a hint that a little inappropriate sexual contact could always follow.

Once we got into the spanking scene proper I felt less like an imposture as that was the bit I was qualifide to do after all! It was strange having to have that level of intensity for such a long day it was very draining trying to live it each time – get me I sound like I was trained by Stanislavski!

The best bits of the day was laying bent over the bed while the makeup lady bruised up my bum! The makeup girls were ace and I spent some time telling them how to fake cum shots for future productions as aparantly it comes up more than you’d think.

  1. bodack commented on May 2nd, 2012:

    I hope you feel better. I really enjoy your site.

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