“Schoolgirls” And Their Skirts

Since we in the spanking fetish may often be found eroticising adult women play-acting as schoolgirls, I thought Maggie Mayhem’s long article on (among many other things) schoolgirl skirts was very interesting:

Why I Hated My School Girl Skirt Then And Why I’ll Fuck In It Now:

My school uniform was a hazard as far as my walk was concerned. It isn’t pornographic images of adult women wearing micro-school girl skirts and having sex in a roleplay that makes the uniform dangerous to the students who wear them authentically. What makes them dangerous are what they are in and of themselves: a clear marker for your age and how much control you have over your own life. People don’t attack children in school uniforms because they saw porn featuring adults or even adult women in pigtails. Between the ages of 9-15 I didn’t look at all like a grown women and there wasn’t anyone with a reasonable mind making an understandable mental switch.

The times when joggers or dog walkers would impose themselves onto my walks as if they were entitled to stroll with me until I arrived at school. At first I was worried that they were doing this to figure out where I went to school until I realized that it didn’t matter if they followed me there or not: every school has their own set of colors clearly identifying “their” students. Everyone already knew where I was going at 6:30AM and they knew exactly what time the bell was going to ring. In order to be a young girl walking to school in a uniform, you have to start thinking like James Bond. You have to vary your routes, fuck with your schedule, avoid routine, and constantly scan the terrain and look for exits.

No one really talks to you clearly about this because no one wants to talk about why you really need to know any of it. When I got into early feminist reading, I did consider the notion that we “sexualize” the school girl uniform through porn but the truth is so much uglier than that. It isn’t porn that makes the uniform dangerous: it’s the fact that a child is a perfect victim in our society. It isn’t the adult sexual use of a uniform that puts these ideas into someone’s head, it’s the advertisement that you are so very young and have been well-trained to be polite and to comply with what adults say.

The pope knows for a fact that the streets are not equally safe for everyone to walk around. He gets carted around in a cart with bulletproof glass, so I think he’s a fucking asshole for sending me off to my education wearing pleats in the streets. The dangers of being a girl on the streets don’t come from porn. You could evaporate every single last image of someone getting fucked in a school girl skirt and it won’t change one damn thing about the fact that I was still a girl and girls aren’t afforded voices or autonomy in our culture.

Most people watching adults getting fucked in school girl skirts are doing so because they enjoy watching and knowing that the people involved are adults getting fucked in school girl skirts. What made my skirt different at 13 than 27 is decision making power. At 13 I had no choice regarding any detail of the skirt. Not the shape, model, size, or accessorizing. It advertised where I was going or coming from and the school would actually punish you for things you were spotted or reported to be doing in your uniform outside of school hours which was a known tool for all of the adults in the city. If you wanted to jack any of us up, you could have said that you saw us smoking cigarettes by the canyon in our skirts and be pretty confident we would be stuck after school in detention for it. Denying it wouldn’t get you anywhere unless you had a parent who would advocate for you in the office.

Porn isn’t in the wrong for using the school girl uniform, schools are already forcing and establishing the dominance pecking order by establishing a school girl uniform. That’s some non-consensual D/s shit and it’s much more appropriate to do between two consenting adults.

Thanks to Zille Defeu for the link.

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  1. Domi commented on April 21st, 2012:

    As someone who went to a Catholic school, with the uniform, I find that article bizzare. I don’t know where she went to school, but it doesn’t sound normal to me!

    I remember a single incident where pupils at a state school shouted at us for being posh and going to a posh school. We told them they were stupid, and thus ended the only situation where my uniform was ever an issue. My sister and I walked to and from school every day, too, and our uniform was working on a charming brown-and-cream theme.

    Maybe it’s different in the UK where all schoolchildren (unless they go to a progressive school or something) wear school uniform. You can tell the difference between the private and state schools, but everyone’s in uniform of some kind.

    I think someone has other issues!

  2. Maren Smith commented on April 21st, 2012:

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with the article either. Children are targets no matter what they wear. A child in a Catholic uniform is no more or less a potential victim to a sexual predator than one in a baseball uniform. There are just as many rude children in Catholic schools as there are polite children in public schools. All children who walk to school have to keep their eyes open, vary their routines, avoid people (some well-meaning and some certainly not) who try to walk with them. I’m sorry if the author felt she was being singled out because of her pleats, but that doesn’t make how she felt a truth in our cities or our society. We have predators out there. And predators will gravitate toward anyone they think they can take, regardless of what they’re wearing.

  3. x commented on April 21st, 2012:

    I really enjoyed reading this point of view. I can understand her perspective.

  4. W commented on April 21st, 2012:

    It’s just not possible for children to consent to the relationships they are born into. Calling it D/s is trying to turn everything into porn to make a point. It definitely doesn’t work.

  5. SpankBoss commented on April 22nd, 2012:

    Yeah, that’s what makes it non-consensual.

  6. Drifter commented on April 22nd, 2012:

    @Domi I hope your last line refers to the other people in her neighborhood and not her. Like, for example, the person who tried to kidnap her.

    @Maren Smith “I’m sorry the author felt she was being singled out because of her pleats…” — well, she didn’t wear them all the time, and noticed that people did treat her differently when she was wearing them and when she wasn’t. Plus, it wasn’t just a matter of easily-imaginable things like uncomfortable looks–she describes actual events, like people threatening to tell the school they saw her doing something dishonorable in uniform, in order to manipulate her.

    @W Yeah–kids don’t get a chance to consent to their birth. That’s why it’s the duty of adults to make sure that their vulnerability is not exploited– obviously by people who intend to do them harm (predators), but also by people who treat kids as if the main point of their existence is to be convenient to adults. Yes, power struggles and inconveniences can arise when kids are allowed a lot of control over their lives–but the answer to that is for adults to recognize that inconvenience is a part of life and suck it up. The right answer is *not* for adults to take advantage of the fact that kids can’t consent and are easily manipulated, and just declare that kids don’t get choices.

    I think the most important point she made is one that she brought up, but glossed over– that kids raised to believe that the best virtue they can over possess is obedience are *extremely* vulnerable to any predator who might stumble across them. And the predators know this. And the predators know which communities teach kids this.

    Schools which simultaneously teach kids this, *and* make their kids wear clothes that advertise this fact, are basically painting targets on them.

  7. Brian commented on April 22nd, 2012:

    I’ve only ever once in my entire life seen an actual school girl in an actual school girl uniform. Where I grew up and now live, it just doesn’t exist. Small town, there is a small a couple of small Catholic schools in the area, but while they have a fairly strict dress code, it is not the classic uniform.

    I spent 10 days in New York City several years back (2002, I think?) and on the Subway one day, late afternoon, there was a girl, looked about 14ish, full pleated skirt, jumper with a school logo, etc… It honestly boggled my mind. I pretty much didn’t realize any schools still made girls dress that way, in a world where it is so fetishistic. It didn’t make me view her sexually, and I’m not a predator looking for vulnerable kids, but I did just feel bad for her, in ways I couldn’t even completely articulate. It made me really feel bad for awhile about the very fact that I find such a uniform, on an adult woman, sexy as hell.

    But, I do find it sexy as hell.

  8. bodack commented on April 22nd, 2012:

    A lot of schools, even non-Catholic schools are going to uniforms because it makes it easier for the parents and the school officials. When I went to junior high in the sixties girls had to wear skirts and boys had to wear slacks. No shorts and no jeans. Then as dress codes got looser and looser, people starting screaming racial or ethnic discrmination every time someone got sent home for something inappropriate. Schools are even going to dress codes for proms now for the same reason with posters showing what is acceptable and what isn’t’ .

    As far as being well trained and polite, in my experience that was only in the classroom. The best kissers and wildest women I have ever dated were Catholic.

  9. W commented on April 22nd, 2012:

    Drifter, the only kids I know who are actually taught obedience is important are taught to obey their parents, who immediately turn around and warn the girls in particular about being careful. Telling kids to indiscriminately listen to adults without teaching discernment sounds like an unrealistic fantasy; again, I think the author is actually the one turning life into porn. Children need someone who isn’t seeing them like a sex object and ironically the author is only considering them in that context even though she means well.

  10. Domi commented on April 27th, 2012:

    I wasn’t taught anything particular about obedience at school, other than what you’d expect because its, well, school. A large proportion of the girls at my school were Hindus, I’m an atheist and I don’t recall anyone who was ‘actively’ Catholic other than one of the teachers. We weren’t taught Catholic doctrine other than the occasional mass. Maybe her school was crazy into religion, but to say all Catholic schools are like that, or that they all have the same philosophy is simply incorrect.

    Some nutter might have a thing about (actual, under-age) Catholic school girls and tried to kidnap one, another nutter might have a thing about redheads. Or they might just kidnap a girl who happens to be either of those things. How many kids are kidnapped or suffer attempts? It has nothing to do with their uniform, and if it does then it’s a wild outlyer not something you can predict away by assuming that men are obviously attracted to one thing.

    The idea that my parents were ‘painting a target’ on me by choosing to send me to an excellent school rather than the officially failing local one I find offensive, quite apart from it’s simple inaccuracy.

  11. Terri commented on May 5th, 2012:

    So many valid points, so little time and energy. Sadly, kids don’t get any sort of say in any of this stuff. Uniforms aren’t all that bad, in some places. Most of the schools I know of have uniforms, and I even kept most of my old one. Ditched the tie, but that’s cause it was too damn easy to almost ‘accidentally’ (note the sarcastic quote marks!) strangle oneself with it.

    Anyhow, my school skirt was a grey pleated kilt. I’ve still got it, and one day I’ll fit back into it. We were told if the clothing item didn’t clearly identify the school, we could wear it for casual. I even kept my final year rugby jumper, which has the school’s name and the year (2004) on it. We got personalised rugby jumpers that year, for the year 12s. So sometimes uniforms are good. But that’s off tipic.

    You know what the really bad thing is? People can get away with doing all kinds of awful things to children, by using the flimsiest of excuses, and the kdis can’t fight back, or defend themselves, or anything. And NO-ONE CARES!! (I speak from experience–sorry for the yelling)

    You know when the kids are really screwed? When its the parents they’re being trained to obey unquestioningly who are doing the horrible things to them. *Honour thy mother and thy father* “how? especially as they won’t honour ME!”

    THe one thing most kids do get taught is ‘stranger danger’. That’s all well and good…until you realise that the ones most likely to molest the kids are people they KNOW and are probably supposed to TRUST.

    erm, sorry abut the rant.

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