“Enjoyed” Versus “Liked”

This post by Zille on a recent series of spankings contains an interesting dichotomy that is not at all uncommon. There are — by all accounts — spankings that are pleasurable to receive, but lots of spanko girls like the other kind even better. Confusing? It can be, but it usually works itself out:

I admitted, finally, that I was well overdue some discipline. He gave me a hug while I composed myself … but I could tell that his main focus was looking at my regulation-knicker-clad-bottom in the mirror on the wall.

Finally he said, “Well, I think it’s time you got over my knee, girl,” and he pushed me over and started in for a long and very hard spanking. I was shocked at how much it hurt — this was not a spanking I mostly enjoyed, with a few sharp swats giving it piquancy. No, this was one where I honestly yelped, squirmed, and couldn’t catch my breath and get on top of the sensations.

And, to be honest, when it’s all said and done, those are really the spankings I like best.

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