Making Her Beg For The Cane

Here’s one good way to make your woman beg for a caning:

He started teasing, tracing his tongue over the tops of my tights, very bloody nice P but not at this stage, I was right on the edge. He knew it too and he said “sorry, did you want my tongue back where it was when you were gasping?”

“Yes P, please.” I said.

“What about the spanking, shall I give it you another time? Say, six strokes with the cane?”

“Yes six strokes, yes!” I said and his tongue returned to my eager clit, only to withdraw it again.

“Please P, stop teasing, you said six strokes…..”

“Ah, I didn’t say what six strokes would get you, did I? My service don’t come cheap. Did you want more?” Of course I wanted bloody more, I wanted the full works.

“How many strokes of my lovely cane would you take if I were to fuck you, hard, with my tongue, right now?” Oh christ I think I was nearly coming at the thought of it.

“I’ll take twelve,” I said and my husband’s tongue went back to work but retreated just as I felt the wave start, “No I’ll take twenty-four!!! Please don’t stop!!!”

He did the decent thing, I’m sure he was chuckling at my dilemma, I think he was about to say something too but he didn’t get chance because my thighs wrapped round his ears and my hands pushed his head down with all my strength as hot waves of liquid fire convulsed through me. I had to pull a cushion over my mouth to scream into.

Via Ronnie at Heart And Soul, with thanks to Chross for the link!

  1. Ronniesoul commented on December 5th, 2011:

    Thank you so much for the mention, really appreciate it.


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